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Eibar – Real Madrid (0-4): Courtois record and Valverde ovation in Eibar: "Uruguayan, Uruguayan" | LaLiga Santander 2019


Eibar – Real Madrid (0-4)

Zidane praises the first half of his team and the performance of the midfielder: "It's different"

Valverde celebrates his first goal with Real Madrid.

The Real Madrid fans who usually go to their team's matches in Euskadi feel confused this Saturday. Ipurua is under construction and access to the visiting area is not the usual place. Gate 9? He has to go all the way around the field, the security guard tells the resigned Madrid. I have already told 70. And I do not exaggerate, we have counted, points out. The road is long for those 70 white fans, but nice. More than at least in the rest of the Basque stadiums, where Madrid always enjoys a more hostile reception than in Eibar, where every visitor is well received.

Therefore, in the middle of the second part, with 0-4, the white fan started with a song to the twinning: It is First, Eibar is First !. Although that figure was immediately forgotten when after the replacement ofFede Valverde, from that corner woven of white in Barça territory, one more typical of another neighborhood of Madrid was heard: Uruguayan, Uruguayan! The boy corresponded the gesture before putting on his coat and taking shelter from the cold and the rain after an outstanding performance.

He has been very good throughout the game. He is a different player, young, hungry and wants to do well. I am also happy for his goal, because he has a phenomenal hit and deserves it, I praised himZinedine Zidane, who has found in the Uruguayan a midfielder with a profile different from all others, very useful to cover meters and protectModric-or Kroos-, who is knocking the door down.

"Very plugged in"

The Real Madrid coach began his serene appearance and finished it with a smile that wasin crescendoQuestion to question until practically occupy the entire face. WhyZizouHe was a happy guy, extremely happy. Yes, we are happy, all the players have been plugged in, very involved in the game and have proven their quality in a very complicated field. The first part has been very very good, the white technician acknowledged, who continually insisted that the victory against Eibar was comparable to that of Wednesday, against Galatasaray. At least at the level of happiness, which was what the whole press conference was about.

Of that and of goals, specifically those that Real Madrid has conceded in the last five games: none. A record that servesCourtoisto improve the unbeatable record of its predecessor,Keylor Navas, and that, above all, moves away the noise generated around the Belgian both last season and at the beginning of the current one.

He is mrito of the whole team, now we go out to play the field with more intensity, said the goalkeeper, who thanked the work of his teammates. What has changed is that now the ball s coming in, pointed on his partDani Carvajal, which fulfilled 250 matches with the Real Madrid shirt in the Ipurua fief.

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