Eibar-Real Sociedad suspended due to the fire at the Zaldibar landfill

The Eibar-Real Sociedad that had to be played this Saturday at four in the afternoon has been suspended after both clubs reached an agreement. Hours earlier, the Basque Government had advised him to see that the presence of furan and dioxins in the air as a result of the fire at the Zaldibar landfill could pose a health risk to those involved.

The Deputy Minister of Health of the Basque Government, Iñaki Berraondo, has indicated that a presence in the air of furan and dioxins has been detected in amounts between 40 and 50 times above usual, measures that do not pose a health risk, except when it occurs in continuous and prolonged exposures in time.

As a preventive measure, among other recommendations, the Basque Department of Health has advised not to dispute the derby between the Eibar and the Royal Society scheduled in the armera village at 4:00 pm this Sunday, although it has not asked LaLiga or the Spanish Football Federation to suspend it.

In this regard, Berraondo has insisted that “the recommendation is extended to all intense and outdoor sports activities.” Therefore, his advice is that “activities of this kind are not carried out”. “From there, the competent institutions will adopt the appropriate measures in each case,” he added.

The vice councilor has indicated that they have not contacted the Spanish Football Federation or LaLiga to move the recommendation that the match to be held in Ipurua be suspended.

As indicated, dioxins and furans are the pollutants that are generated by burning plastics and materials that contain chlorine, the fire at the top of the Zaldibar landfill being the cause of the presence of these pollutants. “It does not pose a health risk in the short term. The accumulation of dioxins and furans is what can affect health, ”he said. .

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