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“Eid than Others” .. Campaign by the Gregorian year at the Mental Health Hospital in Tanta

Today, the Mental Health Hospital in Tanta and the Treatment of Addiction is holding a campaign “Eid Min Khaira” under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and Population headed by Dr. Mona Abdel-Maqsoud, Secretary-General of the General Secretariat of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment, and Dr. Sherine Samir Sabah Al-Khair Al-Kinani, Director of Mental Health Hospital in Tanta, with the participation of mental health doctors.

The objectives of the campaign were to provide good conditions for the recovered to spend various occasions and enjoy them in an atmosphere of recovery, and to emphasize their ability to enjoy life on different occasions and spend holidays without the need for drug abuse.

The celebration of “Eid Than Othera” is held on the occasion of the New Year, and these are the occasions that are usually associated with the abuse of narcotic substances by many addiction patients, through the establishment of many recreational, cultural, artistic and sports activities inside or outside the hospitals and centers of the Municipality, such as cultural houses and sports clubs.

Those who have recovered in the past two years are participating in the events by preparing, preparing and implementing various sports and cultural activities, in addition to presenting many of the talents discovered by the recovered in drawing, poetry, composition and music. During which the recovered express their skills, in addition to talking about their treatment journey in the hospitals and centers of the General Secretariat for Mental Health and addiction treatment from illness to recovery, and the extent of the feeling of happiness and satisfaction to return to their normal life and enjoy it without abuse.

A number of activities are also carried out by addictive patients who are kept in hospitals during their rehabilitation and treatment, or who have entered for the New Year period to protect against relapse, as it is a very difficult and dangerous time for them.

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