Eight entrepreneurs were awarded credits

A total of eight beneficiaries from this locality received credits from the Social Economy Development program. The Minister of Social Development, Diego Alvarez, and the municipal mayor Rubén Müller led the brief act that took place in the Sarmiento square and under the protocol required by the coronavirus pandemic.
The main objective of this plan is to generate entrepreneurial strategies, both associative and individual, and employability in sectors that have been left out of the formal labor market.
In addition, the ministerial delegate of the eastern area, Adriana Schiller, and the deputy director general of Social Economy, Rodrigo Giraudo, local councilors and members of the local management table participated in the event.
The program is part of the Decentralization Law and has been in force for 13 years. Through the program, 8,200 beneficiaries have passed throughout the province, receiving a loan and an opportunity to be included in a self-managed job that allows them to generate their own income.
“Like any public policy that is thought from the Province and, especially in the sphere of the Ministry of Social Development, it has to be inclusive, providing opportunities to those who do not have or who have the least. In this framework, we must highlight the solidarity commitment of the local management table and the beneficiaries who accepted the reduction of their credit in order to reach all those enrolled in that program, “said the ministry authorities.

Each beneficiary received the sum of $ 51,696. The list is made up of Maximiliano René Iglesias, purchase of tools for an electricity, gas, sewer and refrigeration service undertaking; Matías Ezequiel Fernández, purchase of tools for the automotive electrical workshop; Evangelina Elisabet Figueroa, purchase of equipment to start a business to sell loose, dietetic, celiac products and condiments; and Teresa Liliana Gómez, purchase of equipment to start the business of elaboration and design of cards, souvenirs and decoration of rooms for events.
In addition, Eduardo Mauricio Fernández, purchase of tools and equipment to start a smithy and welding business in general; Diego Roberto Martín Waiman; purchase of tubular scaffolding and rotary hammer for masonry service undertaking; Leila Macarena Alessandra, purchase of equipment for the opening of a unisex sportswear store and Fabiola Anahí Allasia, purchase of gym equipment.

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