Eight positive cases in the PAMI delegation

Through a statement, the Local Management Unit of PAMI reported this Thursday that it maintains attention at the offices on Calle Saavedra 935 in the reduced hours from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., through the modality of scheduled shifts.

In addition, it highlighted to all its affiliates that they can carry out most of their personal procedures without having to go to the agencies, by contacting line 138 (PAMI listens) or by entering PAMI Digital: https://www.pami.org. ar /.

“The modification of the hours of attention was decided last week by the local authorities of the Institute in a preventive manner based on the increase in cases of coronavirus in the province, after eight workers of the organization tested positive for COVID-19 ”, it was indicated.

The disinfection of the agency’s offices and the reorganization of the administrative and customer service personnel were immediately ordered.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, PAMI strengthened and expanded its remote service channels, offering the possibility of carrying out most of the procedures without going to the offices in person, with the health risks that the coronavirus pandemic implies. As of the declaration of the health emergency due to the COVID pandemic, the automatic renewal of medicines was established, so it is currently not necessary to carry out any authorization of medicines, insulins and test strips. All medications will be authorized automatically. Only cancer treatments that require a personal procedure will be attended to in the agencies ”, it was indicated.

Through the PAMI Digital platform, the services of Web Procedures can be accessed from a cell phone, computer or Tablet; Shift for Agency; digital affiliation; claims or complaints; Processing State Consultation. Through digital PAMI and line 138, affiliates can reserve an Agency Shift, guaranteeing physical distancing.

Face-to-face care with scheduled shifts is a necessary requirement to guarantee the application of the security protocols agreed with the local health authorities. In addition, a family member or authorized person can carry out the management by presenting the credential and ID of the affiliated person.

These measures were accompanied by similar actions in the field of services, with the implementation of the Electronic Prescription and the Online Clinic, PAMI’s telemedicine platform that guarantees remote medical care, to take care of the health of the affiliated people and guarantee access respecting the necessary physical distancing.

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