Sport Eight twos and one for furious lions

Eight twos and one for furious lions


EFKAN BEKIROGLU – NOTE 2: From the beginning to the end of the Cheffe-Effe. Already in game one after the winter break he took it into his own hands again: Attack initiated, sprinted into the penalty area and completed, although Nkansah was still on the ball.

Mölders: “Football god” towers again

DENNIS DRESSEL – NOTE 2: Light: on some technically great balls. Shadows: in the case of two bad passes that led to Braunschweig opportunities. And then cheers when he hammered the ball into the net to make it 2-0.

STEFAN LEX – NOTE 2: Thanks to his experience and speed, Sechzig’s experienced whirlwind was involved in many actions. Failed twice on Fejzic, Mölders put one on.

SASCHA MÖLDERS – NOTE 1: The game and storm leader liked a lot, put the balls down, was called back if there was a big chance for handball. And then the alpha lion, once again celebrated as a “football god”, made everything clear with all his routine – and put together the double pack.

NOEL NIEMANN – NOTE 2: Sixty younger whirlwinds acted cheekily and full of joy. Even without a goal, he had his share in the sometimes furious attack game of the Giesinger through many dribbling and successful actions.

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TSV 1860: survey

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