Eight years in jail for raping his wife while hitting him with a kitchen pot

A 59-year-old man, from Alcañiz (Teruel), has been sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for assaulting his girlfriend and forcing her to have sex while he was beating her with a kitchen pot. For these facts, the Teruel Hearing has considered the accused guilty of the crimes of sexual assault, injuries and threats. The conviction has been substantially less than that requested by the Prosecutor and the victim: both agreed to claim a total of 19 years in jail for the accused.

The events occurred on January 9, 2019, at the defendant’s address, in Alcañiz. There he was with his partner when an argument broke out. According to the sentence, he rebuked the woman for her addiction to slot machines.

The discussion resulted in “a serious altercation between the two.” And it ended in threats and aggression. According to the story of proven facts contained in the sentence, the man was preparing dinner at that time and took advantage of the knife in his hand to frighten the woman, who came to place it on his neck.

Shortly after he released the knife and picked up a kitchen saucepan with which “he gave his sentimental partner multiple blows.” He also kicked and punched him, even when the woman fell to the ground, and in that situation he demanded to have sex.

The woman, “overwhelmed by the situation,” agreed to go up to the room along with the defendant, “who never released the kitchen pot and continued to hit her partner” occasionally “during intercourse. “In the course of the act, the accused occasionally hit his partner using the kitchen pot that had gone up to the room,” describes the sentence, which also tells how “when the accused ejaculated, the lady dressed and left the place ».

Injuries and emergency care
The court also details in detail the multiple injuries that the woman presented throughout her body. Among them a fracture of bones of the nose, bruises in the jaw, thighs and one of the knees, and several erosions on the face.

In the early afternoon of the following day, the woman went to the emergency department of the Alcañiz Hospital, and subsequently filed a complaint with the Civil Guard.

The defendant pleaded not guilty during the trial and argued that sexual relations were consented. And, regarding the crimes of threats and injuries, he claimed that when the events occurred he could be under the influence of alcohol and drugs – both the accused and the victim acknowledged having drunk wine and smoked some joint.

The court, however, has concluded that the accused had no impairment of his mental abilities and his will, that he was aware of his actions. In addition, the sentence also considers it incredible that the woman freely agreed to have sex after the aggression she had just suffered. “It is unreasonable,” says the court, “to think that the victim, after having received blows in different parts of the body, that came to fracture the bones of his nose, went without a solution of continuity to consent to a sexual relationship with his aggressor ».

The Teruel Hearing has ended up condemning this man to six years in jail for the crime of sexual assault, two for injuries and six months for threats. He is prohibited from approaching to communicate with the victim or approach within 200 meters of it for 16 and a half years. And he is also sentenced to compensate the woman with 6,000 euros, in addition to paying the public health 530 euros that cost the medical assistance provided to the victim. .

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