Eisenstadt district – School lockdown: Empty NMS, filled VS

The school closings have been criticized by many experts. The parents – at least those over the age of 10 – still largely left their children at home. Most of the children in the diocese’s grammar school stayed at home. “We have an average of eight registrations for support,” reported the new director Andrea Berger-Gruber when asked by BVZ. She was “very satisfied” with the school’s Corona preparation (see interview on page 19).

It looked different with the elementary school children.

Twice as many kids in VS Eisenstadt

In the Eisenstadt elementary school, up to 58 children were supervised at school a day, and up to 28 in the St. Georgen elementary school, explains director Charlotte Toth-Kanyak. That is about twice as many children as in the first lockdown. The headmistress does not want to speculate about the reasons, nor is it asked. “I called the parents of children in the German class and recommended that they take the children to school. You have to stay on the ball when learning German, ”explains Toth-Kanyak. And: “The FFP2 masks that have been mandatory for the staff for a few weeks finally arrived on Wednesday.”

E-learning routine in Siegendorf and Neufeld

The Neue Mittelschule Siegendorf is well prepared for distance learning. “We have been working on preparing for distance learning since we started school. We didn’t want to take it down and be surprised, like in spring, ”reports Siegendorf’s NMS director Rita Stenger. As a result, the students are also very well prepared: “Our goal was to get the students ready for online learning.” On the first day of school with distance learning, 13 of 208 children were looked after in the school. Three colleagues are currently at the school, the rest of them teach via distance learning. Stenger is happy that things went much better this time than when the school closed for the first time in spring.

Distance learning is also well received in the NMS Neufeld. There are currently three students out of a total of 155 in the school. The rest work from home. “We are currently reaching almost all of the students. One or two students were not present in individual classes at online meetings, ”says NMS Neufeld Director Ursula Wallner, describing everyday school life at the moment. At the same time, Wallner emphasizes that this week will be observed how to reach the students. An online conference with the teachers is used to see how the students have been reached and whether it would be better for those students who have no support at home to come to school.

Purbach: Almost all students at home

The Purbach Middle School adheres to the lockdown – on the first day 4 of over 80 students attended the school. “Distance learning is done through various channels, such as Skooly, LMS, Zoom or by email,” explains director Elisabeth Szuppin. The aim of the location-independent teaching is that every student has daily contact with the school, i.e. at least one teacher. To give everyone the opportunity to learn online, the school has also borrowed end devices. “It is very important to us to offer the children a basic digital education. For example, you can get your European computer driving license with us. So we have some tablets that we could hide, ”said Szuppin’s deputy Ludwig Fingerhut.

The parents would for the most part see distance learning positively, continues Fingerhut, “because they know what it’s about. The students are rather sad because they can’t see their friends. “


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