“Either we get rid of private interests or the animal industry and populist parties will end the Fiesta”


Updated:24/01/2021 00:45h


«In the end, the pandemic may have something positive if we are able to open our eyes and realize the situation that the Fiesta was already dragging on. A restructuring is imposed and lay the foundations to recover the lost ground “, he assures Alberto Garcia, visible head of the company Taurus emotion an organization that in the terrible last season organized a good number of festivities and in the present one will manage more than twenty arenas.

His optimism for the future is inevitably linked to the sector’s ability to unite, to “achieve a sector structure that does not exist now, to put aside the particular interests that have historically weighed down on us, because the enemy is not within,” are the animal rights industry, with great economic power that acts as a lobby so that we are increasingly socially cornered, and the populist parties, which are against the bulls and are capable of letting entire herds end up in the slaughterhouse while creating a general welfare direction animal”.

In the opinion of the young businessman, there are the bases for a recovery, «an important amateur social mass to the world of the bull that moves a considerable economic amount, and from there we have to hope to change the situation, to unite in an entity that represents bullfighters, ranchers and businessmen before the Administration, before the mass media and before the rest of the society ”.

For Alberto García, generosity is imposed, “no one in the face of the future of the sector can continue to think about their personal interests or within each establishment, it is urgent to create an entity that encompasses all professionals, with sufficient funding to combat and practice as lobby profesional». And he stresses: “It must also be directed by people outside the sector, by professionals who have no interests within the sector itself.”

In this sense, he praises the work done by the Toro de Lidia Foundation, “We must promote it more”, but insists that apart from creating, “sooner rather than later”, a new entity with economic strength.

With regard to what the bullfighting year may bring to the fore, «we have to learn from last season, they have ninety bullfights and not a single contagion has been detected in this environment. In a square with a mask, outdoors, and complying with sanitary guidelines, the risk is zero and that is what encourages us to face the new season ”, in which Tauroemoción will manage more than twenty places, among which Jaén, Burgos, Fuengirola, Corella …, and for a few days Huesca. Also the Colombian from Cali.

As a proxy he directs Emilio de Justo, one of the best-rated right-handers by fans. “I am convinced that if last season had gone as we had planned, it would have been consecrated. It has something that not all have and that is that it is capable of giving an artistic dimension with herds of different settings, which is what is demanded of the figures.

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