Ekaterina Safarova, far from Timati, saw his brother

The winner of the show “Bachelor” recorded a touching video with a relative of her lover.

Ekaterina Safarova. Photo: Instagram.com/kat_safarova

The chosen one of the showman Timati – Ekaterina Safarova – showed on her personal Instagram page pictures of the rest with Artem Yunusov. It is noteworthy that fans of the celebrity suspected an affair between Timur Yunusov’s brother and a model from Spain.

While Timati is releasing new hits with Djigan, Yegor Creed and other young performers, his girlfriend is enjoying the company of Timur’s younger brother. Ekaterina showed a noisy musical performance in one of the restaurants in France. Safarova filmed the beautiful tables of the institution, but at some point turned the camera to the man sitting opposite. It was Yunusov’s younger brother, Artem.

Recall that Timati’s brother is a restaurateur. Therefore, together with the participants of the “Bachelor”, Artem prepared traditional dishes from different countries. When Yunusov was in the kitchen with Safarova, a touching smile appeared on his face. Fans of the Yunusov family were sure that a spark ran between Katya and Artem.

And recently, celebrities again gave fans a reason to doubt the sincerity of feelings between the winner of the “Bachelor” and the former boyfriend of Anastasia Reshetova. Timati was published only once with Safarova. After the Muz-TV Prize, Timur and Katya left for different countries. And now the model is resting with the younger brother of the chosen one.

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