“El Bronco”, Mexican governor, celebrated Gamer’s Day

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Political interests move in accordance with trends and for decades governments have tried to approach groups of young people, for better or for worse, based on their tastes, be they music, cinema and currently video games. In the Mexican case, just as the President has launched into constant criticism against video games, activity that considered harmful to youth and children, today another voice emerged that to the opposite direction.

Politicians and video games, a dangerous combination

As you know, Today Gamer’s Day is being celebrated and the networks have been flooded with all kinds of images, videos and text posts related to video games. However, a few hours ago the celebration saw the arrival of an unexpected guest and Jaime Rodríguez, governor of Nuevo León and known by his nickname as “El Bronco” took advantage of Gamer’s Day to congratulate all the players, in addition to He took the opportunity to recommend the activity as an alternative to going out to nightclubs and drinking alcohol.

Video games are more popular than ever and politicians and their advisers know it

Obviously, these types of actions obey the recommendation of the advisory teams of politicians, because although we cannot deny or assure that some are actually players or have knowledge about this pastime, their statements or publications coincide with a time when gaming is more popular than ever. Of course, this has brought about some changes for our country, such as the video game classification, which complements the one known by the ESRB but offers specific information in Spanish about the type of product being purchased and the ages for which it is recommended due to its content.

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