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For adults and children, it is undeniable to have grown up seeing the neighborhood of The Chavo of 8that place whereChespirito” and the extremely talented group of artists who accompanied him made us laugh, cry and at the same time learn from the characterization and ridicule of Mexican society in the 70s, and in general of Latin American society at that time. El Chavo, Chilindrina, Quico, Doña Florinda, Don Ramón, Doña Clotilde, Mr. Barriga and Professor Giraffesare characters that many of us keep in memory and in our hearts.

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Each actor who played these endearing characters gave them their own characterization based on their ingenuity and talent. Quico’s noisy crying when he was beaten or did not get his way was the creation of Carlos Villagrán, the same with the scandalous way of crying of Chilindrina: María Antonieta de las Nievas was the one who devised that peculiar way of expressing her sadness.

And that “rule” did not apply only to the children’s characters. The characterizations of adults also had their singularities. Florinda Meza (Doña Florinda), Angelines Fernández (Doña Clotilde or The Witch of 71), Ramón Valdés (Don Ramón), Edgar Vivar (Mr. Barriga) and Ruben Aguirre (Professor Jirafales) did the same with their papers.

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Rubén Aguirre with the main cast of the most successful children’s series of all time (Photo: El Chavo del Ocho Oficial / Facebook)


Professor Jirafales, or “master Longaniza” as his students called him, was a primary school teacher who lived eternally in love with the mother of one of his students. Doña Florinda, Quico’s mother, was the woman for whom Rubén Aguirre’s character always came to the neighborhood of The Chavo of 8 with a bouquet of flowers.

With the same impetus and tenacity, the professor trained, or at least tried to, his pupils: Chavo, Chilindrina, Quico, Ñoño (Edgar Vivar), Popis (Florinda Meza), among others, although he almost always failed. because of how distracted and disobedient his students were.

It is precisely when his students misbehaved or disrespected him that Professor Jirafales exclaimed his already famous “Ta ta ta”, in an attempt to show them his annoyance. How did that onomatopoeic sound come about? The creator of it, Rubén Aguirre, told it in an interview with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante in 2014, two years before he left for eternity.

Aguirre commented that he took that sound from a teacher he had in high school, named Wenceslao Rodríguez and who was called “Chelayo”. The difference with his teacher’s “ta ta ta” was that it was slower and softer, while his characterization was more expressive and sonorous.

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Also in said interview, Rubén Aguirre recalled how easy it was for him to personify Professor Jirafales, because in the artist’s own words, the teacher had the same personality as him. That is, it was Rubén Aguirre with another outfit.

“Rubén Aguirre is just like Jirafales: Rubén Aguirre is vain, cheesy, romantic (…) and he drinks coffee and smokes cigars… that is, we are the same”asserted on that occasion whoever gave life to the endearing character of The Chavo of 8.

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The actor expressed that playing his role was not a very complicated job (Photo: El Chavo del Ocho Oficial / Facebook)
The actor expressed that playing his role was not a very complicated job (Photo: El Chavo del Ocho Oficial / Facebook)

What illnesses did “Professor Jirafales” suffer from?

Aguirre was detected with the silent disease of diabetes, a condition that was increased by the presence of stones in his kidneys during periods of his life when money was scarce. Reason why he decides to put aside his routine check-ups and tests at the hospital.

@clubalgue Rubén Aguirre better known as Professor Jirafales part of the cast of the guy from 8, He dies on June 17, 2016😭😭#viral #fyp ♬ original sound – Clubalgue

Unfortunately, in 2016 one of the emblematic characters of “El Chavo del 8” died due to health difficulties and in an environment full of problems for his family, since he had a significant debt of around 5,000 dollars.

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