“El Chavo metalero” rehearses with his rock band and it surprises him by playing the classic song from the Chespirito series | News from El Salvador

Not even during his musical rehearsals is Argentine Phil Claudio Gonzales saved, because even his group Perfectos Extraños joked about his resemblance to the Mexican comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

Despite the international fame and job proposals he has received for being identical to the Mexican comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Chespirito, Argentine Phil Claudio Gonzales does not abandon his passion for music.

After reaching popularity as a result of a meme that originated from a photograph of him that went around the world through social networks, the so-called “Chavo del 8 metalero” continues to practice with his rock band Perfectos Extraños.

The Argentine Phil Claudio Gonzáles, “El Chavo del 8 metalero.

But he did not count on the uproar and jokes due to his resemblance to the late Chespirito penetrating social networks and also taking place from within his group.

On October 23, Phil broadcast one of the rehearsals on Facebook so that his fans could meet the members of his musical group.

After performing one of their melodies, Phil says that they will continue rehearsing and suddenly the guitarist is heard playing the classic song from the program El Chavo del 8.

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At that moment, Chespirito’s double smiles and makes some faces, while the rest of the members laugh at the reaction that his partner has.

“There is a lot of humor here in this band”one of Phil’s friends is heard saying.

Also the comments of the users of the social network did not wait, as there were those who took the opportunity to ask the Argentine to interpret the song “What a beautiful neighbourhood!”.

Meanwhile, some remembered Chavo’s phrases before the joke that the band played on Phil: “The next time they mess with you, you break everything called a face“, wrote one of the followers; Also, there were those who warned that “Don Ramón will arrive because of the noise you are making and you won’t let him sleep”.

Others, for their part, made reference to the occasion in which the neighborhood children formed their musical group.

Photo: Facebook / Sotero Lobo Guevara

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Since the end of September, some photographs of Gonzales went viral on social networks, where almost immediately users highlighted the singular resemblance to the creator of the emblematic Mexican series.

When Phil discovered that he was already known worldwide as “El Chavo del 8 metallero” he could not believe it and it even bothered him a bit the constant teasing that they did to him on social networks, however, now he takes it with humor and even tries to take advantage of his popularity, although he clarifies that he will not leave music.

And it is that the fans of the Chespirito series in Latin America love their characters so much that at the beginning of October they also located the double of Carlos Villagrán, whom they baptized as “Quico andino”.

It is about the Peruvian musician Hugo Kuntur, who shared a video on his Facebook singing the songs of the Chavo del 8 series with a flute.


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