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The approved last Tuesday, October 13, an opinion that states that members of the who have not contributed in the last 12 months, may withdraw up to 4 UIT from their funds in the private pension system.

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The opinion must go to the plenary session for approval. If it is accepted, it will benefit more than 90% of former citizens who are unemployed. Also, the subscription would be up to 1 UIT every 30 calendar days. What is the value of an UIT? How is ITU calculated? In this note we clear your doubts.

What is the ITU?

Is the Tax Tax Unit (UIT) It is the value in soles established by the State to determine taxes, infractions, fines and other tax aspects. Some amounts are fixed in quantities (5 OUT’s) or percentages (20% OFF), indicates in its.

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What is the value of 1 UIT in 2020?

Through the , published by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the Official Gazette El Peruano, it was determined that this 2020, the amount of the Tax Unit (UIT) will be 4,300 soles. It increased 100 soles in relation to 2019, when the amount was 4,200 soles.

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How is ITU calculated in Peru?

The FROM in Peru, it is generally calculated on a percentage basis. To do this, you must use the formula: 1 OFF = 4300 = 100%. Taking the example of withdrawal from the AFF of 4 ITU, you must multiply 4 by 4300, resulting in an amount of S/17.200. You can do the calculation in the following .

Who determines the ITU?

The value of FROM is determined every year-end by the . For this, it is necessary to consider the macroeconomy and the flow variables in the Peruvian economy.

How much has the value of ITU changed in recent years?

  • 2020: S/4.300
  • 2019: S/4.200
  • 2018: S/4.150
  • 2017: S/4.050
  • 2016: S/3.950
  • 2015: S/3.850
  • 2014: S/3.800
  • 2013: S/3.700
  • 2012: S/3.650


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