El Correo launches an annual forum that will bring together Basque companies leading the digital transformation

Who else who less, we all know what digitization is. Who does not use the mobile to read the news or make a purchase? What we may not be so aware of is its enormous potential – it is not in vain that it is the axis of the so-called fourth industrial revolution. or the degree of specialization, innovation and international recognition of companies that in our own environment focus their activity on the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of things, cybersecurity …

To give them visibility and recognize their contribution to society, EL CORREO organizes tomorrow at the Azkuna Center the first ‘DigitalTek. Leading the change ‘, an event that will be the largest meeting point for the most cutting-edge Basque companies and initiatives in digital transformation. The event is supported by BBVA, as the main sponsor; and by the Department of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Basque Government, the Bilbao City Council, the Euskatel Foundation and Ibermática as sponsors.

In addition to serving as a thermometer to measure the evolution of new technologies in Basque society and business fabric, DigitalTek wants to acknowledge the efforts of these corporations. So, in each edition they will deliver awards that will highlight the work of four of them in as many categories: ‘e-commerce’, digital marketing, ‘Big Data’ and artificial intelligence. A special mention will be added for a company that stands out for the integration of digital transformation in all aspects of its activity.

In this first edition the selected ones are IMQ, Lookiero, Decidata and Sherpa, together with the ‘startup’ specialized in the development of Biolan biosensors, of which they have highlighted their contribution to the fight against Covid-19 by launching, together with the CIC bioGUNE, a serological test for the rapid diagnosis of the disease.

IMQ | Award in the category of digital marketing
Put the customer at the center of change

Javier Aguirregabiria, general director of IMQ.

Among the most common aspects of companies transformed by digitization, the way they address their customers deserves a separate chapter. Both due to the emergence of new channels and the nature of the messages that are transmitted to them, more focused on quality content. Behind that evolution is the ‘inbound marketing‘, a new way of understanding advertising that has allowed firms in traditional sectors, such as IMQ, to improve their ability to connect with their target audience.

“On the one hand, we saw that the customer, who must always be the center of any strategy, was increasingly connected; and, on the other, we wanted to transfer our social responsibility to these new channels by offering content that promotes healthy lifestyles. We saw that it was something in which we could add value and that would serve to define the digital presence of our brand», Says the CEO of the firm, Javier Aguirregabiria.

It was also important to rediscover the client, to see how technology has changed him. «You have to know very well what may be of interest to them and how you can offer it to them. Our communication and marketing department defined it very well and opted for create (and position) channels open to the public that provide quality information, something that is being essential with Covid-19», He underlines. “This award is a recognition of their efforts.”

Lookiero | ‘E-commerce’ award
When digital is fashion

Oier Urrutia, the founder of Lookiero.
Oier Urrutia, the founder of Lookiero.

Digitization is in Lookiero’s DNA. At the end of the day, the company founded by Oier Urrutia five years ago transferred the increasingly popular ‘personal shopper’ services to the Internet. The personalized advice was the perfect complement to an activity already consolidated in the network, such as the sale of fashion items. The Lookiero seed was planted in July 2015, on a trip that this 34-year-old entrepreneur from Biscay made with his girlfriend to Cabo de Gata.

Both began to mature the idea of ​​setting up a company similar to those that were already operating successfully in the United States, but of which in Europe there was hardly any trace.

Lookiero’s mechanics consist in that clients -because the vast majority of users are women- fill out a profile on the website with their tastes and preferences in fashion. And based on it the company’s ‘personal shoppers’ select the garments that best fit them, accompanied by personalized letters, cards with proposals, etc.. This’ pack ‘reaches the clients’ homes, who have five days to decide whether or not to stay with it.

Digitaltek rewards Lookiero’s proposal -which reaches more than two million people in seven European countries– with the award for the best ‘e-commerce’. A distinction that makes Urrutia proud “because that means that the work we do is valued.”

Decided | Big Data Award
Pioneers in discovering the value of data

Gonzalo Artiach, partner of Decidata.
Gonzalo Artiach, partner of Decidata.

If data is the mining of the 21st century, at Decidata they were among the first to descend into the depths of advanced analytics to exploit the full potential that this world offers companies. «We arrive soon, at a time when there was a lot of talk about Big Data and technology, but little about the application of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics in business ”, explains Iñaki Pertusa, who five years ago embarked with Pedro Aldasoro in the project, the bearer of a message “that then seemed like science fiction.”

To make the leap from the theoretical to the real -in 2017- only a commercial impulse was needed, which was provided by the third partner in contention, Gonzalo Artiach. In just three years, Decidata has provided its services to companies as relevant as the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vitoria, Euskaltel or Seguros Santa Lucía. Now, Covid-19 has accelerated a trend, that of digitization, “which is key to the competitiveness of the future,” says Pertusa.

This entrepreneur congratulates himself on seeing how companies «reserve specific lines of artificial intelligence and use of data. Even in the organizations themselves, areas and departments exclusively dedicated to analytics are being created. And it is in this “maturity” scenario where Decidata can contribute “our message based on experience and the baggage of what we have done when this sector did not exist”.

Biolan | Digital Company of the Year
Digital technology at the service of health

Asier Albizu, CEO of Biolan.
Asier Albizu, CEO of Biolan.

How to measure the optimal time for grape picking, or to detect lactose intolerance in the safest possible way? Through biosensors, devices capable of detecting agri-food and biosanitary molecules. This is what Biolan is dedicated to, a company founded almost 15 years ago that currently has clients in more than 50 countries. Biolan’s heart moves to the rhythm of 60 chemists, biologists and other professionals -mainly from the scientific field- that make up its staff.

The firm, based in the Derio-Zamudio Technology Park, has taken a first-rate qualitative leap this year, such as «apply digital technology to our activity, which is the manufacture of biosensors», Explains its CEO, Asier Albizu. Hence the launch of a new department in which data, connectivity and ‘machine learning’ will be mixed with gold enzymes, molecules, electrons or nanoparticles.

Biolan’s activity is not limited to the field of food. Six years ago he created a ‘spinoff’ -Biolan Health- whose latest product is a serological test to detect Covid-19. It will go on the market in the first week of December and will be, Albizu presumes, the first “one hundred percent Basque.” In addition, last year it created a non-invasive test with which to detect lactose intolerance in urine.

Sherpa.ai | Award in artificial intelligence
The value of prediction

Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, founder and CEO of Sherpa.ai.
Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, founder and CEO of Sherpa.ai.

The faith of Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, founder and CEO of Sherpa.ai, in the potential of artificial intelligence is such that he does not doubt that his contribution will be “fundamental” to “solve the urgent challenges of Humanity in health, education, energy or transport efficiency and arrive in a few decades to a much more sustainable and beneficial future for all ». And as it shows, the role you already play in the fight against Covid-19, of which your company is an active part. «It is being as important as medicine to control or mitigate the damages of this pandemic. It promotes crucial advances in all fields, both in diagnosis and in resource management or in reducing the time to achieve the vaccine. At a particular level, I consider that it is key with the prediction algorithms, in which we have collaborated with Osakidetza ”, he says in reference to the platform they created to, among other things, calculate the needs of the ICUs within a week.

This effort, together with its trajectory, which has made this Biscayan firm a world reference in predictive voice assistants and whose latest milestone has just arrived with the launch of a platform with which they hope to revolutionize artificial intelligence services applied to the privacy of data, makes Sherpa.ai worthy of the Digitaltek award. A recognition that, among so many internationally, «I’m excited to be from home».

A luxury premiere broadcast on the Internet

Together with the representatives of the awarded companies, the first edition of the DigitalTek forum will bring to the public, who will be able to follow the event through the EL CORREO website, the point of view on the digital transformation of some of its managers into leading companies in our environment.

To begin with, the person in charge of opening the forum will be Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, who will be followed by the head of the Allrework consultancy, Marc Vidal.

In addition, the program of the day is completed with a round table starring Raúl Pérez González de Uriarte, responsible for Strategy and Development of Customer Solutions at BBVA Spain; Iñaki del Río, director for the north of Ibermática; Oihane Agirregoitia, councilor for Citizen and International Attention and Participation and president of Bilbaotik; Alberto Díaz Freire, Head of Alliances, IoT and Digital Transformation at Euskaltel, and Elena Moreno, Director of Commerce of the Basque Government.


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