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We received from Pereira, Colombia, the sad, very sad news that reported the death of Master Edgar García The DandyHaving recovered from the Covid, his lungs did not resist and at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 21, his spirit transcended the universe.

The Dandy He was a bullfighter who fought a lot to conquer a place in the art of bullfighting, from an early age in Colombia, and he also did it in Spain, where he began his journey from a bullfighter; Based on the iron discipline he conquered the dream of the alternative and thus in Manizales (Colombia), on January 22, 1995 at the hands of José Antonio Campuzano, and as a witness Tomás Campuzano with bulls from Ernesto Gutiérrez acquired the degree of doctor in Bullfighting .

The Dandy He deeply loved the art of bullfighting, therefore, he evolved by his magic, tradition, honesty, he fought for the unspeakable pleasure of creating and transcending. So each afternoon he evolved through his artistic creations.

I fight for the immense pleasure of being a bullfighter“, Thus always affirmed to all those that we knew him.

During his life he always supported all the people who approached him, not only the bullfighters, but all those who came with a problem, he selflessly helped them.

In recent years, he organized festivities to support all those young bullfighters who, being marginalized, did not have the opportunity to express their qualities; The Dandy He supported them and also shared a poster with them.

An exceptional human being has departed today, a true gentleman inside and outside the ring; a misunderstood bullfighter who fought to assert his truth.

We send all of us who make up the Torosenel World Family Our condolences to his beloved family for such an irreparable loss.

Rest in peace admired Dandy, you fully fulfilled here on Earth and now you will continue to transcend in the universe.

Tell yourself the truth … even if it is a cause for scandal!





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