“El Fantasma” cancels events due to poor health, how is the artist?

alexander garcia artistically known as “Ghost” announced in a statement posted on its social networks the cancellation of some events that were scheduled.

The document mentions that agreed events for this January 29 and 30 they had to be suspended because the interpreter is not in good condition health condition and must be under medical observation.

Although the artist’s health problem is not specified, “Ghost” and his team hope that the treatment they provide will improve his condition.

Regarding the presentation of the January 29 in Tecomán, Colima will be changed for Friday, February 4 and that they also apologize because they already had everything ready for Ghost will be presented International Band Day In Las Vegas.

“In the next few days we will report on the progress of the exit and more details on the events that were affected,” says part of the letter that is already available in all the musician’s communication channels.

Although some people did complain because they traveled from some other cities to enjoy their songs, others understood that it was something out of the ordinary and sent the best vibes to get better soon.

“Ghost” is a 32-year-old from San José de Cañas Durango, it was recently announced that he has five nominations in Lo Nuestro Awards: Male Revelation Artist, Regional Mexican Artist of the Year, Norteño Song of the Year and Album of the Year.

The songs most popular of his career are “Cabrón y vago” a success with Los Dos Carnales, “Word of a man” and “I am a good friend”, among thousands more.

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