El Guergarat: Morocco’s intervention in the service of peace enabled a strategic change (El Otmani)

Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 8:20 PM

Rabat – Morocco intervened at the El Guergarat border post in the service of peace and to unblock an international channel to ensure free civil and commercial movement, in accordance with international law and in perfect harmony with needs of the region and the agreement of the ceasefire, said Thursday in Rabat, the Head of government, Saad Dine El Otmani, noting that the decision of the Kingdom allowed a strategic change.

Mr. El Otmani stressed that this week has been rich in good news, starting with the securing of the passage of El Guergarat a few days before the celebration of Independence Day, said the Minister of National Education. , vocational training, higher education and scientific research, government spokesman Saaid Amzazi, in a statement read during a press briefing after the weekly meeting of the Governing Council.

The head of government welcomed the decision of HM King Mohammed VI to undertake an operation to restore the situation at the El Guergarat crossing and secure it against the separatist militias, noting that this operation was carried out with great professionalism by the Royal Armed Forces after a number of attempts by Morocco and its diplomacy and successive contacts with the UN Secretary General, the MINURSO forces and many members of the Security Council and other countries to restore the situation .

Mr. Amzazi noted that the head of government recalled that the blocking of the passage and the road to El Guergarat was the subject of a resolution of the Security Council in which she previously called on the separatist militias to withdraw and they responded favorably at the time, noting that the UN Secretary General expressed in his report his concern about the violations committed in the buffer zone that Morocco voluntarily chose during the ceasefire agreement make it a weapon-free zone.

However, remarked Mr. El Otmani, the Polisario front has not stopped for years violating the ceasefire in this area, noting that this violation was the subject of Royal messages addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations to draw its attention to this situation.

He also noted that Morocco has the capacity to win the battle on the ground, but out of respect for the ceasefire agreement and its international commitments. He expects a solution to the conflict by the UN and its secretary general.

He lamented the fact that the last blockade of the El Guergarat crossing lasted more than three weeks, noting that this crossing is not a Moroccan or Mauritanian affair only but it is an international trade route, including for trade between European and African countries.
And to qualify the passage of El Guergarat of international vein and not only Moroccan or national, noting that HM the King took the crucial decision at the right time to solve the problem with the intervention of the Armed Forces Kingdom in a harmless way and without clashes with the Polisario militias in order to draw up a security cordon, which definitely made the difference.

Morocco’s latest decision regarding the El Guergarat crossing allowed for a strategic change, knowing that the separatists were still using this passage against Morocco and its interests and causing problems to disrupt the Moroccan dossier, particularly in the run-up to the meetings of the Security Council to deliver its annual resolution, he noted.

The intervention settled this issue definitively and the members and militias of the Polisario, according to him, will never again block the passage, noting that Morocco intervened in the service of peace and to unblock an international way in the aim to guarantee free civil and commercial movement in accordance with international law and in perfect harmony with the needs of the region and the Ceasefire Agreement.

Mr. El Otmani wished to thank the brotherly and friendly African and Arab countries, as well as the Islamic and Arab organizations which unequivocally welcomed the measures taken by Morocco and announced their support for the Kingdom.

According to him, Morocco is now facing a second stage where the Polisario is fighting a battle of fallacious rumors after its defeat on the ground and in terms of international legality. The Polisario “now only has fake news to deal with the Royal Armed Forces and the realities on the ground”, he said, adding that the national media have defeated these lies and proved that the videos and images relayed by the separatists relate to other events in other places.

Notwithstanding this attitude, Morocco triumphed thanks to the wisdom and guidance of HM the King who imposed a new reality on the ground and a new strategic horizon, continued the head of government, stressing that Morocco will continue to defend its rights. as HM the King clearly signified when he said that “Morocco will remain in its Sahara and the Sahara will remain in its Morocco until the end of time”.

In this regard, Mr. El Otmani praised the reaction of the Moroccan people and Moroccans around the world who have united in the face of the maneuvers of the Polisario militias.

On another note, the head of government lingered on the celebration of the glorious Independence Day, November 18, “a memory recalling the return of the late HM Mohammed V from exile and, subsequently, obtaining independence ”.

This commemoration has a particular symbolism because it embodies the victory of Morocco and the beginning of the phase of construction and development which continues under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI.

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