El Guerguerat: Morocco has initiated a responsible operation to restore civil and commercial traffic (Australian media)

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 8:46 am

Rabat – Morocco has initiated a responsible operation to restore civil and commercial traffic at the El Guerguerat crossing, writes the Australian newspaper “Sydney Sun”.

Confronted with serious and unacceptable provocations on the part of the militiamen of the “polisario” in the buffer zone of El Guerguerat in the Moroccan Sahara, the Kingdom of Morocco has decided to act in accordance with its duties and in full agreement with international legality , points out the publication.

After having shown great restraint, Morocco “had no choice but to assume its responsibilities in order to put an end to this impasse created by such provocative acts and to restore the freedom of movement of civilians and goods”, underlines the media, which highlights the civilian character of the operation which took place without clashes or threat to the safety of civilians.

Now the region of El Guerguerat is completely secure through the establishment of a security cordon, he adds.

The same source recalls that after learning of the engagement of the Royal Armed Forces, the Polisario militiamen voluntarily set fire to the tent camp they had erected and fled aboard Jeeps and trucks to the East. and to the south, under the eyes of MINURSO observers.

The Australian publication further notes that Morocco has regularly informed the UN Secretary General and senior UN officials, as well as several neighboring countries about these extremely serious developments, adding that the Kingdom has granted the time needed for the good offices of the UN and MINURSO to push the “Polisario” militiamen to leave the buffer zone.

Unfortunately, the calls of the Minurso and the SG of the UN in addition to the interventions of several members of the Security Council did not succeed, however, notes the publication, noting that the provocations of the “polisario” since 2016 have constituted premeditated acts destabilization, violating the status of the buffer zone and the provisions of Security Council resolutions (2414 and 2440, in particular).

“Sydney Sun” also points out that such actions undermine the chances of relaunching the political process sought by the international community and exhaust the chances of any diplomatic solution (of the conflict), stressing that only the “polisario” assumes full responsibility and all the consequences of these acts.

And to conclude that Morocco remains firmly attached to the preservation of the ceasefire, especially since the intervention of the FAR was rightly aimed at consolidating this ceasefire by preventing the recurrence of such serious acts and inadmissible debates that violate the military agreement and threaten regional stability and security.

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