‘El Hormiguero’: ‘Pasapalabra’ gives the boat this week? The clues that make you believe that Pablo Díaz will solve the donut

Pablo Motos has announced that on Thursday he will have a surprise guest on the set of ‘El Hormiguero’. The mystery has set off alarms

S. C.

‘Pass word’ Will you finally deliver your boat this week? A promotion broadcast by Antena 3 shows the Tenerife violinist Pablo Díaz just one word away from completing the rosco. But the definitive track has come from the hand of Pablo Motos in ‘El Hormiguero’: this Thursday he will receive a surprise guest. The followers of both programs already point out that he could be the famous contestant. In fact, that would be the reason why Motos, for the first time in the show’s history, has not been able to reveal the identity of its future guest.


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