El Juli and ‘Ateo III’ open the eleventh bullfight of San Miguel




The draw for the Hermanos García Jiménez – Olga Jiménez bulls that this afternoon will be fought in the eleventh subscription festival in Seville has already been carried out. The poster is made up of El Juli, José María Manzanares and Paco Ureña. This is the order of fighting:

1. Nº 88. Atheist III. Colorao. 559 kg. 06/17 (Hnos. García Jiménez)

2. Nº 126. Esaborio. Chestnut. 568 kg. 05/16 (Olga Jiménez)

3. No. 76. Shot down. Chestnut. 525 kg. 03/17 (Hnos. García Jiménez)

4. No. 18. Stereo. Black. 529 kg. 12/15 (Hnos. García Jiménez)

5. Nº 142. Industrial. Black ribbon dripping. 512 kg. 12/15 (Hnos. García Jiménez)

6. Nº 113. Almendrito. Colorao dripped. 556 kg. 06/16 (Hnos. García Jiménez)

The hats are:

1. Nº 86. Atheist. Black mulatto. 537 kg. 06/17 (Hnos. García Jiménez)

2. Nº 100. Jailer. Black. 535 kg. 01/17 (Hnos. García Jiménez)

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