El Ksiba, a jewel of the Middle Atlas

Nestled at the foot of the mountains about fifty kilometers from Béni Mellal, El Ksiba was adorned this week in her sumptuous white winter dress after the last snowfalls that sprinkled a large part of the heights of the Atlas, offering its inhabitants as well as its many visitors of magnificent landscapes which invite to the discovery of this small town, nicknamed the pearl of the Atlas. Perched on the heights at 1,042 meters above sea level, El Ksiba is a city of bewitching beauty set in an idyllic setting with rich and green flora throughout the year. The snow, which has illuminated the summits of the surrounding mountains for several days, adds even more charm to the sublime of the place, which gives the place unsuspected paradisiacal airs, which make more than one dream. In the middle of all these beautiful people, stands at 1,200 meters above sea level the natural park of Taghbalout, a Mecca of Moroccan tourism and one of the main attractions of the province of Beni Mellal.

With its multiple rivers flowing from the Middle Atlas mountains and its abundant vegetation, Taghbalout Park which means in the Amazigh language “Source of fresh water”, offers itself as a haven of peace and rest for all. visitor in search of relaxation and serenity. Covered with a thick layer of snow since last Sunday, the park has experienced record crowds. Many visitors have braved the freezing cold and ventured onto the snowy and icy roads that lead to this mecca of summer to discover it in its splendid winter outfit. “It has been over three years since it snowed in Taghbalout. As soon as we learned that there was snow, we did not hesitate to make the trip to Béni Mellal to come and admire the landscape ”, said Youness, a student. “It’s good to see that huge white coat enveloping the whole park,” he told MAP, adding that he hasn’t seen this beautiful setting for a very long time.

His friend, Amine, said he was very happy to discover the small town of El Ksiba dressed in its finery. “It is a rare spectacle that is offered to us today. We are really lucky to find ourselves in the middle of all this beauty, ”he said. Falling under the spell of El Ksiba, Khalid, a young Mellali assured that for nothing in the world, he would not miss the opportunity to visit this small town of 200 thousand souls every time it snows on the heights of the Atlas. “The warmth of the welcome and the kindness of the inhabitants of the region make us forget the cold and the arduousness of the journey”, he added. “You are welcome in our Ifrane to us”, launched with a tone full of pride Yassin, manager of a café in Taghbalout, noting that the arrival of snow made the place a haven of beauty, joy and good humor. “The snow that we were all missing is finally here. Look, everyone is smiling, even the snowman! ”He added with a touch of humor. With its beautiful landscapes and abundant flora, the small town of El Ksiba is a destination of choice for tourists looking for a change of scenery. It is a city with great tourist potential, in particular for ecotourism due to the richness of its natural sites.


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