“El niño de fuego” or the power of music after the flames

This weekend premieres El niño de fuego, the documentary that tells the life of Aleixo Paz, a young man from Girona who suffered burns to 91% of his body when he was eight years old in a truck accident. The documentary, which won a mention from the jury of the Valladolid International Film Week, features a young man about to turn 18 who does not quite overcome what happened to him until he ends up accepting himself by composing lyrics and melodies.

El niño de fuego begins with a declaration of intent, when Aleixo Paz’s mother reads a letter that the young man born in Quart wrote shortly after the accident that burned almost his entire body. He had been hiding inside the truck his father was driving, which was carrying a fuel tank, and after colliding with a damaged van on the highway, the truck caught fire.

Its director, Ignacio Acconcia, warns that with this beginning they wanted to transmit the feeling to the spectators who were in front of a documentary “that touches”. That is why he warns that “the first impression” when seeing the protagonist can be shocking.

However, in the first minutes you can see an Aleixo with his face off, apathetic, and even denying the child he was before the accident. “This child is dead,” said the protagonist at one point in the documentary, after watching a video of when he was little.

But little by little he discovers how this 18-year-old, who at some point “fantasizes about suicide”, finds the “way out of the well”. And it does so through music. Although he had been writing since he was very young, he suddenly set out to start rhyming and singing rap and hip-hop.

Through the documentary, Aleixo Paz meets Chaca, a hip-hop singer from L’Hospitalet del Llobregat who helps him get into the art world. “We tried to combine Aleixo and Chaca,” Acconcia said. From the first meetings, they saw how “projects arose between them” and the Chaca invited Aleixo Paz to their concerts and, finally, to go up on stage to sing some of their songs.

El niño de fuego is a journey of overcoming, growing and maturing a young man who does not have the wind in his favor, but who does not tire of rowing until he arrives safely. The director of the feature film, Ignacio Acconcia, states that the documentary has also “been a vehicle” for the protagonist that “has allowed him to grow”, and describes the film as an 88-minute journey that allows him to discover a “very sensitive person” who is he hides under a breastplate of indifference and rejection for all the pain he has suffered.

From this Sunday, the documentary can be seen on Movistar +, which has been the virtual premiere of the documentary. Looking ahead to 2022, it is expected that the feature film will also be shown on Spanish Television.

On the other hand, the film has already received a mention from the jury of the Valladolid International Film Week (Seminci) which took place in October. Now, the intention is for it to appear in other film competitions throughout this 2021.


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