El Polaco and Barby Silenzi, outraged by being on the verge of elimination in La Academia 2021: “You have to be a producer of the program to get away”

Thursday night the first elimination of Showmatch The Academy, and although it was Cucho Parisi, leader of Los Authentic Decadentes, who said goodbye to the program, The Polish Y Barby Silenzi they were dissatisfied with the actions of the jury on them.

At the gala, the musician delighted those present with a hook of his best hits, while Barby he dedicated himself to dancing each of the rhythms. Before the elimination, the couple expressed their anger and pointed directly against those who have friends within the contest: “This is a game and you can lose”.

About tastes there is nothing written. Here the jury votes, it is not that people decide, but there are artists that what do I know, you put them to compare with people who do what comes and … I am not going to name anyone specific, but you have to take that into account”, He expressed Barby Silenzi, and added: “There are many who have friends, friends, little friends here”.

El Polaco and Barby Silenzi were outraged for being in the elimination of The Academy. Photo: Must See

Enraged, he was The Polish who added fuel to the fire: “I’m going to say something now, because if I go I want it to be the last thing I say. We should not have been sentenced, because here every mummy danced”. That was the foot for him to unleash his fury: “Go to your mother’s c …”. “If they want me to come out dressed as Mario Bross and get naked, I don’t know, or maybe you have to be a producer of the show to get away”, Remarked the musician.

Here is a lot, we are friends, because I love you …”He added Silences, Y The Polish explained: “We put Mocking on the jury and we break it, La Tota, Marcela Baños … We don’t have a friend in here, not one”.

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