El Puma reveals that Luis Miguel infiltrated the hospital to see him!

The renowned singer José Luis Rodríguez, better known as The Puma, he remembered that day when the singer Luis Miguel he visited him in the hospital during the early morning hours, something he described as a very emotional encounter.

José Luis Rodríguez is currently preparing his next live show which will be broadcast via streaming due to the health contingency.

After talking about the concert, the singer recalled a funny anecdote that he lived while he was admitted to the hospital when he received an unexpected visit from Luis Miguel.

Thus, in an interview for the Informed of everything program, “El Puma” Rodríguez spoke of the day that “El Sol” went to see him at the hospital where he was admitted because of a series of health complications that he suffered from Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis that you have suffered from for a few years.

The singer He mentioned that Luis Miguel visited several hospitals until he finally found the place where he was and according to what he said, “El Sol” evaded all the security of the hospital to be able to enter the room where he was.

It was early morning. He began to visit, he told me, several hospitals until he found the one I was in. He entered because he is Luis Miguel. There was a lot of security there, nobody could enter, “he said.

After “The Puma“Rodríguez pointed out that a nurse recognized the singer and told them that he was outside the room, although at first they thought he was a reporter.

The nurse goes to the room and says to my daughter and wife: ‘There is a guy who says he is Luis Miguel.’ So, my daughter says: ‘I’m going to go José, he must be a paparazzi’, when he saw Luis Miguel, he returned but white as a paper, very afraid and trembling: ‘It’s Luis Miguel!’ “, He mentioned.

Likewise, the singer acknowledged that Luis Miguel He really has a very strong personality, because he imposed respect and that is how he was able to enter his room.

That boy commands a lot of respect. He greeted me, we greeted each other, we talked, we cried. It was something very emotional and a beautiful gesture from a boy who saw him grow up, “he said.

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José Luis Rodríguez González also known by his nickname artistic El Puma began as a singer participating in school cultural events, giving serenades and then joining as a replacement for vocalist Ariel Rojas in the group of youth voices called “Los Zeppy”, inspired by The Platters and Los Cinco Latinos, also composed of the future bolerista Estelita del Llano, Nicolás Alvarado, Agustín Calzadilla and Alberto Lewis, who had the name Al Zeppy registered as an artistic nickname.

While Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri sometimes nicknamed the Sun of Mexico is considered one of the largest and most successful artists in Latin America for his wide range of musical styles, including funk, pop, ballads, boleros, tangos, jazz, big band, and mariachi.

He is also recognized as the only Latin singer of his generation who did not cross into the Anglo-Saxon market during the “Latin Explosion” in the 1990s.

He started his musical career in Mexico in 1980 singing at the wedding of the daughter of the Mexican national president at that time, so far he has managed to win more than 120 awards in a personal capacity, for his songs and albums, and is the singer youngest to receive a Grammy, at 14 years old.

These two artists are undoubtedly one of the most important in the country, because with their voice and their lyrics they have managed to enter millions of hearts, as there are few singers like them.

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