El Salvador will go to trial for violating an ILO agreement

The ILO Committee on the Application of Standards has included El Salvador on the black list for violating Convention 144

El Salvador has been included again in the list of countries that violate the agreements signed with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and next week will have to go to trial to explain the violation of conventions 144, 87 and 98 that it has signed with the organism.

These conventions promote free choice of employer representatives and tripartism. However, like previous governments, the Bukele administration has refused to accept the representation of the labor party, specifically, it has ignored the president of the National Association of Private Enterprise (ANEP) Javier Simán, and that has prevented that bodies such as the Superior Labor Council (CST) have not met since 2019, according to the ANEP economic manager, Waldo Jiménez.

“The government does not decide with whom it meets for social dialogue. It is the employers who decide who represents them. (The government) has refused to comply and accept that business organizations are free and autonomous to elect their representatives, ”said Jiménez.

Unions file complaints with international organization

“For this reason, the government must go to an examination or trial where it must give its arguments to the representatives of employers and employees at the international level,” he added.

Another of the paralyzed bodies is the National Minimum Wage Council, which has not been in session for a year, as confirmed by one of its members.

The incorporation of El Salvador to the list of countries that violate the conventions is known two days after the Minister of Labor traveled to Geneva, Switzerland, to meet with several ILO delegates and, according to him, to ratify the commitments of social dialogue and support to workers.

What is the country exposed to?

The ILO Standards Application Committee can order the Higher Labor Council to meet as required by Convention 144, according to Jiménez, and this is one of the points they await from the trial’s conclusions.

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But if, in a given case, the government of El Salvador refused and made the decision to revoke this agreement, that is, to no longer be part of it, this would have very serious implications at the United Nations level, and at the multilateral organizations that give loans. to the country, like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Jiménez explained.

The trial will be the week of June 7 at the Standards Committee, at the 109th International Labor Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

This is not the first time that El Salvador has been on the black list for breach of labor agreements, since in 2019 it already accumulated five times on this list.


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