Elderly married couple drove away and stuck in Sweden

LAST: The Norwegian couple has been found. They left the car and met the police on foot, says Lars Hederlin.

Swedish Aftonbladet writes on Tuesday night that an elderly Norwegian couple has got lost and stuck with the car at the border with Norway. This has happened at Torsby in Sweden, more specifically Värmlandsskogarna.

This is confirmed by press spokesperson for Bergslagen police region, Lars Hederlin, to Dagbladet.

– They have got stuck in the snow. We have been in contact with them via mobile, but now we can not get hold of them anymore. I do not know if it is that the phone does not work, or if it is a question of poor coverage, Hederlin states.

Police do not know exactly where the couple is. Therefore, the police in the area have issued a request to those who may have seen a black Opel Insignia to contact the police.

– We do not want them to be out there longer than necessary, says Hederlin.

He says he does not know if the couple has come directly from Norway now, and that it may be about someone who, for example, has a country house in Sweden.

According to Aftonbladet, this is a couple in their 80s. The last time the police heard from them was at 5 p.m.

At 20.15, Hederlin informs that the couple has been found and is safe.

– They’re sitting in the back seat of our car now. They left the car and went on foot, he says.

The car is still not found. When the couple left the car, the police also received signals from the mobile phone.

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