Eleazar Gómez is linked to the process, he remains in the Prison


José Eleazar Gómez Sánchez, 34, was brought to trial for his probable participation in the crime of equal family violence.

The head of the court imposed on the accused the precautionary measure of justified preventive detention in the North Men’s Preventive Prison, where he will remain for two months, a time that was established for the conclusion of the complementary investigation.

According to the investigation, the accused and the victim were at her home, located on Arkansas Street, in the Napoles neighborhood, of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, when he began to insult and threaten her; He immediately threw her onto a bed and beat her, but the woman managed to escape and request help.

Police from the Secretariat of Citizen Security appeared at the scene and detained Eleazar Gómez, who was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the Territorial Investigation Office in Benito Juárez, where the corresponding investigation folder was initiated.

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