Elections 2021 | Rafael López Aliaga: his lawyer says that “there is no proof” that he gave money to the campaign

Lawyer Humberto Abanto, legal defender of the presidential candidate of Popular Renewal, Rafael López Aliaga, rejected that there are elements for this Friday the National Elections Jury (JNE) to ratify the exclusion against this nomination dictated by the Special Electoral Jury (JEE) for an alleged delivery of money.

“There is no proof that there has been a delivery of money in the course of the electoral process. A statement has been taken from before the application for registration of the presidential formula was submitted to make a capricious arithmetic calculation that seeks to support an alleged delivery of money, “he said.

In an interview with RPP NewsAbanto recalled that the case dates back to December 19 of last year, when López Aliaga declared in a television program “that since he was 19 years old he had dedicated half of his earnings to supporting works of good.”

After this, the lawyer accused the JEE of making an “arithmetic calculation” to determine how much money he would have delivered Rafael López Aliaga between December 20 and January 2 of this year (273 thousand soles); however, he pointed out that this body “does not have any proof that this delivery has taken place.”

“That is a speculation because in the own interview López Aliaga indicates that he is on leave in his donations because he is going to enter the campaign,” he said.

López Aliaga’s lawyer welcomes JNE clarification

In another time, Humberto Abanto welcomed the recent pronouncement of the National Elections Jury in which he rejected the versions disseminated on social networks that he had already made a decision on the exclusion of a presidential candidate in the general elections that will take place on April 11.

“Given the unfounded versions that circulate on social networks about an alleged exclusion of a presidential candidate, the National Elections Jury absolutely rules out such rumors,” the electoral body indicated through its Twitter account.

For the candidate’s lawyer Popular Renewal,

In this regard, the own Rafael López Aliaga has announced that it will call a national march if the National Elections Jury does not accept your appeal and ends up excluding you from the elections. In dialogue with RPP, he indicated that he will support a protest “if electoral fraud is consummated.”

López Aliaga assured that the statement that has been the reason for exclusion -about an alleged donation of money- was said “before being a candidate,” however, he denied that this could represent a promise of gift, as the Special Electoral Jury.

“You can comply, but you also have the capacity to respond. If you commit an injustice to the entire country and leave out a candidate who is leading the polls at the national level at this time, exclude him for such a ridiculous reason … Be careful, that I I see that it is a dictatorship that is consolidating and taking all the powers of the State, “he said.


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