Elections 2021 | Urpi Torrado: There is an “opening of the gap” between the voting intention of Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori

The general manager of the pollster International Datum, Toasted Urpi, noted that the recent mock voting of this pollster reveals an “opening of the gap” in the candidacies of Pedro Castillo Y Keiko Fujimori a few weeks before the second electoral round and after, weeks ago, a closeness was registered in the intention of votes between both candidates for the Presidency of the Republic.

“In this last week in the drill we see that Keiko Fujimori it would have stalled. There is a difference of tenths between last week and this one that could be in the margin of error, so in the case of it we would speak of stagnation. In the case of Pedro CastilloAlthough the growth is one point and could also be within the margin of error, if we look at the survey and what has happened in the last three weeks, it seems that there is growth and even this translates into an opening of the gap “he analyzed.

“Both candidates had been closing the distance in the intention to vote between them and today it opens to five and six points of difference,” he added.

In an interview with RPP News, Torrado explained that this occurs from a growth in the north of the country from the candidacy of Pedro CastilloUnlike last week, where it was appreciated that Fuerza Popular had “turned around” the voting intention that it had at the beginning of the campaign, when Peru Libre led this region of the country.

“Last week there was a change and there is an important growth of Popular Force, but in this last week we see that Free Peru has recovered votes in the north, adjusting the results, and they are both in the statistical tie. In addition to the north, there is also a recovery in the center, where voting intention (for Castillo) grows up to 70%, “he said.

The analyst also explained that the vote in the south of the country in favor of Pedro Castillo “was stagnant” for a long time, where Keiko Fujimori had managed to advance up to 25% vote intention; however, he highlighted a “grassroots work” on the part of Peru Libre to recover the votes that its candidate had lost.

Pedro Castillo 45.5% and Keiko Fujimori 40.1%

The teacher Pedro Castillo, from Peru Libre, obtained 45.5% support, while the former congresswoman Keiko Fujimori, from Fuerza Popular, reached 40.1% support, in the new voting simulation of the pollster International Datum, published this Friday in the newspaper Peru 21. In addition, the white vote reached 9.1% and the flawed vote added 5.3%.

Pedro Castillo rose a point and a half, while the leader of Keiko Fujimori It fell one point, compared to the previous poll, so the difference between the two widens slightly to just over two weeks before the June 6 elections.

Regarding the voting decision, 78% said they have already decided, compared to 17% who acknowledged that they are still thinking about it and 4% who admitted that they have not thought about it. Meanwhile, when asked about what they consider the best Government Plan, 42% favored Keiko Fujimori, while 39% by Pedro Castillo.

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