ELECTIONS – JCE explains approval of alliance between PLD and Liberal Reformista, by Amable Aristy

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) clarified on Saturday that the covenants of alliances registered by the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the Reform Liberal Party (PLR), and approved by the full JCE through resolution 25-20, They were registered via the institution’s computer platform within the corresponding period.

In accordance with paragraph one of article 126 of Law 15-19 on Organic Electoral Regime, “the document to be deposited with the Central Electoral Board will be the result of the impression generated from the use of the tool or computer application that will be implemented by the Central Electoral Board for such purposes, who will issue the regulations that are necessary for compliance with this provision. ”

In that sense, the JCE approved said records of covenants of alliances by virtue that “on February 25, 2020, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the Reform Liberal Party (PLR) registered on the Board’s computer platform Electoral Central covenants of alliances at the presidential and senatorial levels, which generated the creation of pact No. 2020001033, which contains the scope and levels that are registered in the computer system or platform of the Central Electoral Board.

The alliance between the PLR ​​and the PLD is only one of the 185 alliances approved for the presidential and congressional elections on May 17.


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