Elections – Jurassians at the polls to choose ministers and deputies

Jura is the first canton in French-speaking Switzerland to renew its leaders since the federal elections and the start of the health crisis.

The five Jura ministers are running for a new mandate for the next five years. From left to right, Chancellor Gladys Winkler then the candidates, David Eray (PCSI), Nathalie Barthoulot (PS), Martial Courtet (PDC), Jacques Gerber (PLR) and Rosalie Beuret-Siess (PS).


The Jurassians choose their authorities on Sunday for the next five years at the end of an electoral campaign marked by the Covid-19 crisis. All eyes are on the PDC, which will try to regain its 2nd executive seat lost last March.

Jura is the first canton in French-speaking Switzerland to renew its authorities since the federal elections and the start of the health crisis linked to Covid-19. The outcome of these elections therefore arouses an interest which goes far beyond the region and will serve as a test for national parties.

The five ministers, who are running for a new mandate, should benefit from the bonus for leavers. This asset is accentuated by their management of the Covid-19 crisis. The government, and in particular the PLR ​​Minister of Health and the Economy Jacques Gerber, has emerged from the crisis stronger despite an increase in cases in recent days.

The election could therefore lead to the status quo with a center-left executive with two socialists, a PCSI, a PDC and a PLR. But this scenario would constitute a setback for the PDC which wants to regain its second seat lost in March during the complementary election for the benefit of the Socialist Party (PS).

PDC Strategy

For a long time the first party of the Jura Government, the PDC had failed to keep the seat left vacant with the departure of Charles Juillard. To win it back, the party has embarked on the race with the outgoing minister Martial Courtet and the mayor of Alle Stéphane Babey.

According to observers, the headquarters of the PCSI David Eray appears to be the most threatened. Certain files in the hands of the Minister have been disputed, such as deep geothermal energy or wind turbines. In a canton where regionalist reflexes remain very present, the elected representative of the Independent Christian Social Party will be able to count on the votes of the voters of his stronghold of the Franches-Montagnes.

Female candidates for the PS

The most important party in the aftermath of the federal elections, the PS wants to keep its two seats. He presents a female ticket with Nathalie Barthoulot and Rosalie Beuret Siess. Their re-election seems assured, just like that of Minister PLR Jacques Gerber.

The chances of a candidate from another formation of gaining access to government are considered rather low. The UDC, the Greens, the alternative left CS-POP and the Vert’liberals, newcomers to the Jura political scene, are also in the running.

Ambition of the Greens in Parliament

The games are wide open for Parliament, where 457 candidates are vying for the 60 seats. The Vert’liberals, the EPI and the “Avenir de Bonheur” training program present one or more lists for the first time.

The score of the Greens will be scrutinized with particular attention by the staffs of the national parties. Jura environmentalists will try to confirm at cantonal level their good result recorded in the federal elections.

Five years ago, the PDC won 17 seats, the PS 12, the PLR ​​9, the PCSI 8, the UDC 8, the Greens 4 and the alternative left CS-POP 2. During the legislature, 3 elected representatives have left the PDC following the Pauline Queloz affair. The legislative election could give a signal for the probable second round to the government on November 8.

Campaign under the sign of Covid

Due to the resurgence of Covid-19 contaminations, several parties have decided to cancel their stamm. The entire electoral campaign took place in a particular context with health measures. The candidates and the parties had to change their approach by keeping a certain distance with the voters, forgoing the handshakes.

Candidates for a seat in government or in parliament were unable to campaign during emblematic events in the canton of Jura such as the National Horse Competition Market in Saignelégier, the Chant du Gros or during village festivals.


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