Elections: Pablo Iglesias is optimistic with the negotiation of ERC and hopes to have a government on Christmas Eve

The leader of Podemos believes that the negotiation will not be easy, but it has been pointed out that now we have to bet on the tie

Pablo Iglesias, collecting his deputy record this Thursday at the ...

Pablo Iglesias, collecting his deputy minutes this Thursday in Congress.
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The secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has shown Thursday that he is confident that a government will settle beforeGood nightand he is "optimistic" regarding the negotiation with ERC, although, he said, "you have to bet on the tie and the dialogue."

"I hope that next Christmas Eve the Spaniards can dine with agovernment", said Pablo Iglesias in statements to journalists at the Congress of Deputies, where he has come to deliver his credential that accredits him as a deputy.

Asked about the meeting with ERC, Iglesias has said that he is optimistic although he believes that the negotiation will not be easy, but he pointed out that now we have to bet on the tie and also for the capacity of the two forces that have agreed to a Government for achieving "sufficient support" to the investiture.

"This goes from work, the first thing is to carry out the investiture, we have to strive for sufficient support," said Pablo Iglesias, who has insisted that "the pact with ERC is not made."

"The PSOE has to work here but we also have to work," said Iglesias, whose training so far had indicated that it was the Socialists who should pilot the negotiations.

The leader of United Podemos has gone to Congress the same day that the negotiators of the PSOE meet with ERC to seek an abstention of the 13 Republican deputies to the investiture that is conditioned to the formation of a dialogue table on the "political conflict " inCatalua.

Iglesias has avoided giving details of the agreement reached with the PSOE and the ministries that ultimately fall to the hands of the United We can, then, said, the Government will know once the investiture occurs, "before not."

The date of the debate, he explained, depends on the president of the Government and the next president of theCongress. "It is not up to me to assess the moment in which it occurs," said Iglesias, asked by journalists for the date.

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