Electric car from Gumpert: the new sports car Nathalie

SButterfly doors, bucket seats, the steering wheel as in a Formula 1 racing car, a three-part cockpit display, FIA-certified roll cage – the blood pressure rises when you put on the racing belts. Ready to go. Put your foot on the brake and press the red start button on the steering wheel.

Electronic systems start up with a low hum, and a pump starts work. We press “D” on the keyboard of the drive switch and roll almost silently from the yard. Then the blood pressure drops into the basement. Because noiseless driving doesn’t turn on, it’s not sexy. In Ingolstadt’s city traffic, we jerk from traffic light to traffic light, actually just like in any other electric car. Up to the Ingolstadt-Süd motorway junction.

Get into the fast lane, hit the gas – sorry, hit the accelerator – and then it takes the driver’s breath away. An explosive onset of thrust sits in our necks, 1000 Nm torque is available, constant, a non-breaking pulling power, there are 544 HP (400 kW) hanging on the right foot. Only a few and extremely expensive super sports cars with combustion engines push the pace in a comparable way. At 170 km / h a quiet “click”, the Nathalie has engaged second gear without any interruption in tractive power. Instead of the engine sound, we hear dull rolling noises and a few whistling wind noises.

The father of this electric sports coupé is Roland Gumpert, a visionary well-known in the industry. It promises an acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds, which the 1.8-ton two-seater can only achieve with all-wheel drive. We experience the enormous thrust up to well over 200 km / h. Even in these spheres the emphasis does not cease. The traffic does not allow the top speed of 300 km / h.

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Electric sports car

Gumpert Natalie

Now at the latest, proponents of electromobility throw in that such highly dynamic driving styles are not good for cars. Because their battery is sucked empty in a few minutes and the subsequent charging stop takes longer than the short-term driving pleasure. To refute this very argument, Gumpert developed his two-seater.


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