Electricity: Completion of the Rumaila Qurna high pressure line project

The media center of the Ministry of Electricity said, in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that “as part of the Ministry’s strategic plan projects, which are prepared for the southern region, the first building of which was laid by the Minister of Electricity, Engineer Ziyad Ali Fadel, and under the guidance and supervision of the Director General of the General Company for Electric Power Transmission in the Southern Region, Engineer Asaad Mahir Karim, The Ministry of Electricity announces the completion of the new high-voltage line project of high technical value (Rumaila Investment – Qurna 400) 400 kV, and its introduction of work to solve bottlenecks in the districts and districts of northern Basra Governorate.

He added: “The staffing of the Project Implementation Department at the headquarters of the South Transport Company has completed the 400 kV double-circuit ultra-high pressure line project linking the Rumaila investment power station and the (Al-Qurna 400) transformational station. The length of the aforementioned line is (70.73) km, and the number of (176) towers, with a capacity of (1000) megawatts per circuit.

The center indicated that “our staffs were able today, Sunday, to successfully enter line No. (1) of the first district, with a capacity of (1000) megawatts, after conducting all the necessary technical checks on it, while line No. (2) will be entered into operation after completing the operational procedures in Rumaila investment station.

He explained: “The new line will contribute to resolving bottlenecks and achieving stability in the electrical system for all regions of northern Basra Governorate, in addition to its important role in overcoming the fires that occurred on the electrical system, which occurred in the previous stage.”

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