Electro, two fingers in the crisis

The scene looks likeApocalypse Now. In the heat of a Caribbean jungle, the musicians of Acid Arab meet a distraught Englishman: “The army will occupy the site in 24 hours, he throws at them, go away ! “ The French trio was one of the headliners of the electronic music festival Tribal Gathering, which opened on February 29 on a Panamanian island. On March 15, they returned to Paris in extremis, aboard the last flight: “We learned about confinement in the taxi”, rewinds Guido Cesarsky.

For several years, the Acid Arabs have been at the top of the French artists who tour the most abroad. The shock of the health crisis was all the more severe. Confinement, closure of clubs and discotheques, ban on “standing” concerts, curfews, re-containment… For “electronic” musicians, the restrictions follow and resemble each other: the sector has now been in the midst of eight months. most flourishing of the French cultural biotope, is at a standstill. Suddenly unplugged.

“The tour had a hundred dates, she died after the fifteenth concert”, Guido laments. Over the weeks he measured “The scale of the disaster”. And felt bitterness rise in him: “I am afraid of the violence of what I am feeling – a hatred that is exacerbated by social networks…”

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This summer, the Parisian has played a handful of times, despite everything – especially on a farm in Loire-Atlantique, in the countryside. Shortly before, he had tried to put on a virtual concert, then became discouraged: “Live streams have multiplied, but that’s of no interest, in fact. The real party, the meetings, the airports… I miss all of that, to death. “

Guido took advantage of his forced holidays to take care of his son, see friends again, sketch a compilation of one of his heroes … “I was mostly depressed. DJ buddies had to harvest to survive, while Puy-du-Fou was authorized to receive 5,000 people… I am appalled by the contempt with which the powerful treat us – starting with the car salesman and the lady of “Big heads”… »

It refers to Franck Riester and to the one who succeeded him rue de Valois, Roselyne Bachelot. The pandemic has widened the gulf that separates the ministry of culture from electronic music. During the Estates General of the festivals, organized on October 2 in Avignon, Mme Bachelot specified that the “Discotheques” and ” The world of the night “ do not depend on his ministry, but on the inside. A distinction that set fire to the powders, if not to the dance floors: “For a long time, the actors of the night sector have accepted with fatalism (…) that their work be considered through the sole prism of safety, hygiene and public health. This is a historical error and an immense injustice ”, was carried away the director of the festival Les Nuits Sonores, Vincent Carry, in a platform at Release, October 26. The same day, DJ Laurent Garnier published on his website a letter to the minister, of which he castigated “The flagrant lack of consideration”.

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