Electrocution Tragedies in Sichuan: Uncovering the Bizarre Well Incident

2023-09-02 12:11:57

All three were electrocuted to death after going down the well. (Schematic / Pxhere)

Three bizarre tragedies occurred recently in Sichuan, Mainland China. After a woman accidentally dropped her mobile phone in a well, her husband went into the water to retrieve the mobile phone, but suddenly let out a scream, and attracted two other men to come into the well to rescue her. Unexpectedly, the last three people were all “shocked” die”.

According to the “Jimu News” report, the electric shock accident occurred in Neijiang Village, Sichuan. It is suspected that the husband who helped his wife pick up the mobile phone went down the well to salvage the mobile phone with the battery on his back. Cry out for help.

The other two men who heard the shouts and entered the well to save people suspected that they did not know that there was electricity in the well, which was only 1 meter deep. However, although the local government confirmed the bizarre accident, it also quoted the police saying that the detailed cause of death of the three people is still under investigation.

After the accident spread, it also sparked heated discussions among netizens in mainland China, saying, “It’s too miserable”, “Is there no flashlight to illuminate the well? It’s still the battery of the electric fish”, “I don’t understand why the battery is carried on the back, is it the kind of electric fish?” “. Some people even pointed out, “This wife is really stupid, she actually let her husband go into the water with a battery on his back.”

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