‘Electronic anklet’ serial killer bought 4 iPhones after first crime

Mo Kang (56), a former sex offender who was arrested on the charge of killing two women before and after turning off the electronic location tracking device (electronic anklet), is known to have stated that the motive for the crime was ‘money problems’. While the police are trying to determine the authenticity of this statement, they caught the situation where Kang purchased the item with the first victim’s credit card and then resold it.

On the 31st, the Songpa Police Station in Seoul said, “We believe that the quarrel over Kang’s motive for the crime started out of a dispute over money, but we are confirming more accurate facts.”

However, the police confirmed that Kang killed the first victim, A, at his house on the 26th and then visited a mobile phone store in Gangnam-gu the next morning and purchased 4 iPhones (5.96 million won) with A’s credit card. did. It was investigated that Kang re-sell the cell phone he had purchased.

Considering this, the police are said to be considering whether to apply the charges against Kang.
Some media reported that Kang tried to borrow money from Mr. A when he was asked to borrow money from Mr. B, the second victim, but was rejected and said that he killed Mr. A. Also, there was a report that Kang tried to repay Mr. B with the money he sold his cell phone to, but when the woman demanded to pay back all the money he borrowed, he even killed Mr. B around the dawn of the 29th. We are in the process of verifying the authenticity of Kang’s statement by securing other information.” On the other hand, it was investigated that Kang had bought the tools used to damage the electronic anklet before killing the first victim.

Kang bought a cutter used to damage an electronic anklet at a hardware store located in Ogeum-dong, Songpa-gu around 3:57 pm on the 26th. first killed Mr.

The next day, at 5:31 pm on the 27th, B was also accused of murdering an electronic anklet on the street in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, and in the process of escaping.

A police official said, “The vehicle that Kang used when he fled was a rental car he borrowed from an acquaintance, and he started using it on the 25th, but whether it was borrowed for the purpose of the crime is under investigation.”

The police, which are currently reviewing whether or not to hold a Personal Disclosure Committee, are expected to use a profiler in the investigation process to analyze Kang’s psychological state and identify the cause of the crime.

On the same day, Kang was arrested on the grounds of ‘there is a risk of fleeing’ after receiving a warrant substantive examination on charges of violating the Act on Murder and Attaching Electronic Devices at the hearing of Chief Judge Shim Tae-gyu of the Seoul Eastern District Court on the same day.


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