Electronic stamps are to be distributed by Česká pošta and Čepro

There is now a 15-day period for any objections to the selection. This was reported by Cendis, which is in charge of preparing the electronic trademark system. Electronic highway signs should replace current paper coupons from next year.

“The Department of Culture and Tourism of the municipality recently supported the creation of online content through individual earmarked subsidies and the implementation of research will enable obtaining feedback on where to target support in this area correctly and strategically next time,” said Jiří Sulženko.

The questionnaire, aimed at the general public, consists of over 30 questions divided into three main sections. The first is focused directly on the consumption of cultural content on the Internet and the second on more general behavior in the off-line environment. The last part focuses on basic demographic data.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Prague City Council has increased subsidies for cultural facilities and will also support those that have not used them. The money will go to city organizations that have lost a significant portion of the entrance fee. It will distribute 25 million among the facilities that received multi-annual grants and 14 million among the holders of one-year grants.

Organizations will always receive up to 20 percent of the grant they have already received. It will also receive assistance from important cultural institutions that have not applied for a subsidy in the past.

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