Elena Irureta shares with Ane Gabarain the Forqué award for ‘Homeland’

“When we came on the train we used to say ‘Either they don’t give it to both of us or they don’t give it to us’.” In the end, they gave it to Elena Irureta, but the Zumaiarra actress wanted to share it with Ane Gabarain, also nominated and who skipping the gala script and at the request of her partner ended up going on stage at the Madrid Municipal Palace, and starring in one of the most exciting moments of the Forqué awards that were delivered last night.

Irureta’s Bittori finally won the award for the best female performance in a series, an award that could perfectly have also taken Gabarain’s Miren. Bittori and Miren, Miren and Bittori, two shocking performances in ‘Patria’, the novel by Fernando Aramburu that Aitor Gabilondo turned into a series for HBO and which have been recognized by specialized critics.

The awards, which kick off the awards season of the Spanish audiovisual industry, have included this year three new categories dedicated to television fiction: Best Series, Best Male Performance in Series and Best Female Performance in Series, which Irureta has premiered.

“I want to share this award with Ane, because we have both done well,” said the actress, who was especially applauded, after the award was announced. In the end Ane accompanied her and glossed over her friend and colleague. «There is no partner like Elena Irureta. She is great as an actress, huge, an impressive partner, “said Gabarain..

«He has offered us these two wonderful characters who have fallen to the old women. I a little more, and that’s why they gave it to me »
thanks to aitor gabilondo

Irureta thanked the jury and Donostiarra Aitor Gabilondo for the award, «That has offered us these two wonderful characters who have fallen to the old women. I was a little older, that’s why they gave it to me », joked the woman from Zuma, who quoted in her thanks« Maite Ortega, Magüy, María, those who are always there supporting us and those who are happy because we have given this award ».


Another Basque actress, in this case Patricia López Arnáiz from Vitoria received the award for best female performance for ‘Ane‘, by David Pérez Sañudo. «The greatest luck for an actress is that a great script comes to you. Complex characters are an enjoyment because complexity puts you in such a real place and everything comes to you like a tsunami », said the interpreter from Alava, who won Andrea Fandos, Candela Peñ; and to Kiti Manver, in her role as Lide, a estranged mother trying to make her way through life as a security guard at the high-speed train works.

‘The girls’, the debut of Pilar Palomero and ‘Riot gear’, the series that Rodrigo Sorogoyen has directed and co-written with Isabel Peña for Movistar +, were the great winners in the XXVI edition of the Forqué Awards. The first received the award for best fiction feature film for a story that, through the eyes of an eleven-year-old girl, portrays the Spain of the nineties, confronting education in a religious center with the idea of ​​modernity that the country tried to demonstrate to the world. The second received the award for best series for a fiction that, following an eviction, traces un story about political corruption and toxic masculinity.

The red carpet of the Forqué

Hovik Keuchkerian received the award for Best Serial Male Performance for his role as Osorio in ‘Anti-riot’. When taking the stage, the actor put the award aside – “it weighs a lot”, he said – and, after defending “a guild that is born, lives and dies by emotion”, asked a minute of silence for “all the victims of this fucking virus”

Belén Cuesta went on stage to thank the award for the best male performance for Javier Cámara for ‘Sentimental’. The actress, co-star in Cesc Gay’s film, read a message from the Rioja in which she remembered how happy the film had been shot in Barcelona in February, “without smelling the one that was coming our way”, and thanked the jury «For rewarding comedy. Laughter saves us from everything.

That was precisely one of the ideas that was highlighted at a gala that emphasized that culture “is a safe place” and that it has been a staple in a terrible year for the industry. Made it clear Imanol Arias, who was responsible for opening the evening, with a speech in which he recalled that 2020 has not been an easy year and that 2021 has not started on the best foot. “Our halls have become movie theaters, our balconies, concert halls”, said. «It is true that without the people who have saved our lives it would not have been possible, but without cinema and culture either »he explained, thanking “those films that have managed to extract a piece of happiness from us in the midst of misfortunes.”


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