Elena Rivera, to the conquest of the New World in ‘Inés del alma mía’

Amazon Prime Video has released a few days ago ‘Inés del alma mía’, an adaptation of the novel by Isabel Allende headed by Elena Rivera and Eduardo Noriega. Inés Suárez, a young woman who sets off for the New World and falls in love with the conqueror Pedro de Valdivia, is the protagonist of this fiction, which comes to the streaming platform at a turbulent time when protests and riots in the United States have led to the demolition of several statues of Spanish colonizers.

«They are different moral codes. I am not going to judge what was done 500 years ago. The war was the day to day ”, Rivera values ​​in an interview with Europa Press on the occasion of the presentation of the series. For the actress, both Inés and Pedro de Valdivia “are two characters whose driving force in the face of the New World was to be better, both one culture and the other,” she explains.

Part of the filming took place in 2019 in Chile in the middle of a wave of demonstrations. “These protests resulted in pointing out conquerors as the cause of all the evils,” says Noriega. «In the United States they have painted statues of Cervantes. It seems like a delusion to me, “he laments, adding that history must be judged” from the point of view of the time. “

The actor plays Pedro de Valdivia, who will arrive in Chile to face the Mapuche Indians. «You have to understand what wars were at that time. This series portrays that time very well, it portrays very well the western world’s consideration of indigenous people as an inferior being, ”he says. In addition, the interpreter emphasizes that both his character and that of Inés “are very sensitive and capable of empathizing with people from the other continent and not considering them inferior.”

“That time is very well portrayed in which there is a Spaniard who sometimes murdered, mistreated and raped even gratuitously, and there were other Spaniards who did not see it that way,” he says.

Reflection of cruelty towards women

The change of ethical paradigm is also reflected in ‘Inés del alma mía’ in the treatment of the female figure, since the protagonist must face numerous obstacles before embarking on an adventure until then prohibited for women. Rivera will launch Alba in 2021, a series for which he has had to shoot a scene of a group rape and that reminds him that machismo is as valid as in the times of ‘Inés del alma mía’.

“You have to tell what happened and, unfortunately, it continues to happen,” he says. «You have to get as close to reality as possible. It is not comfortable to shoot, they are violent situations, but everything is always within codes. You agree to everything until it is as cruel as possible, because you have to recreate that cruelty towards women, ”he argues.

«Ines breaks with everything to trace her own path. Besides, Pedro de Valdivia, falling in love with her and accepting her to join the expedition, breaks many taboos, “adds Noriega.

Isabel Allende jumps to the small screen

Isabel Allende launched ‘Inés del alma mía’ in 2006, a novel that reopens the wound of the Spanish conquest but without neglecting the central love story. «You cannot pretend to do the same as the book. Literature has some tools, some descriptions, that can only be in the book », Noriega warns.

Despite the demands of facing a widely known work, the actor highlights the “wonderful landscapes” and emphasizes that the fiction team has followed practically the same path as the characters. «We cannot dwell on descriptions, we have to go to action. If you liked the book, I think it is exciting to see this representation, “he adds. “The fact that there are so many people with that expectation to see how we have recreated it is the wonderful thing, to be able to see what they think, to open a debate,” says Rivera.

Benjamín Vicuña, Enrique Arce and Carlos Bardem complete the cast of Inés del alma mía, which premieres its eight chapters on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, July 31.


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