Elianis Garrido launched a taunt at Sara Uribe during a talk about Fredy Guarín’s girlfriend

Photomontage of Elianis Garrido and Sara Uribe, about pulla

© Elianis Garrido’s taunt to Sara Uribe, when they talked about a new girlfriend – Instagram: @elianisgarrid …
Photomontage of Elianis Garrido and Sara Uribe, about pulla

After the driver and his setmates: Alejandra Serje and Elianis Garrido rule out tackling the Millionaires player already Pauleth Pastrana, a veterinarian who is said to be his new girlfriend, the name of the former protagonist of Novela came up.

Taking into account that Sara Uribe He was part of the Channel 1 news team and had a relationship with the athlete, the presenters thought of her to talk about his new romance, but they immediately realized that this would not be possible either.

“I’ve called her, but she doesn’t answer me”, Ariel Osorio justified and Alejandra Serje asked him: “Who is blocked from you?”, but he did not get an answer to his question.

Faced with the dilemma that arose among his colleagues and in order not to dwell on the matter further, Elianis Garrido He asserted, without filters, that his former partner of ‘Protagonistas de Novela’ and the set of ‘Lo se todo’ will not speak with them.

“She stopped answering us since she left the program … and following us and everything”commented the dancer, who was criticized by ‘La Negra Candela’ for calling Paola Jara a girl. It was confirmed on Instagram that she and Sara Uribe have no contact on social networks.

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