Elie Semoun’s heartbreaking confidences on the death of his father, suffering from Alzheimer’s

The actor returns in Le Parisien of this Tuesday, September 21 on the tragic death of his father suffering from Alzheimer’s, a year ago. He confides in it the difficulty of mourning, and the mixed feelings that he must have gone through.

It was a year ago. In a video posted on Instagram, the actor and humorist Elie Semoun announced the death of his father, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, at the age of 90. A heartbreak for the one who had accompanied him in his last years, and had seen the disease slowly take over. From this dramatic situation, he made a documentary, hailed by critics and viewers, to draw attention to the situation of patients, but also caregivers. A film on which he returns, among others, this Tuesday, September 21 in the Parisian, on the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day.

Obviously, it was the sadness that made us think that “

Because if it did him good, this film, and especially the popular reception which it was reserved, did not necessarily help Élie Semoun to mourn.Losing a father, a mother, is something irreparable. (…) His death tore my heart “, he confides. And yet, the actor does not hide anything from the ordeal that were the last months of his father, who felt guilt at having to put him in an establishment, “we have to tell ourselves that this is not our job”. “Everything is disgusting in this disease. With my sister we sometimes said to each other ‘strongly that we are done’, because our father was a burden. Obviously, it was the sadness, the anger that made us think that “, adds Élie Semoun, upset.

“Nobody wants to see their father, the Superman of their childhood, lose their faculties”

“No one wants to see their father, the Superman of their childhood, lose their faculties. This show is so hard that you sometimes want it to stop “, the actor still remembers. He remembers the times when his father, who then regained his consciousness, realized what was wrong: “we stopped filming, because it was getting shameless”, explains Élie Semoun. While around 900,000 people are said to be affected by the disease in France, he also wants to give advice to caregivers who may be affected: “Arm yourself with patience, don’t blame him if he makes you repeat ten times, surround him with love, it’s very important to protect him”.

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