Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – Elite Dangerous: Odyssey revamps its launch schedule

Initially expected at the beginning of this year, the Odyssey expansion of Elite Dangerous is noticeably shifted on PC (in alpha at the beginning of spring with a view to a release at the end of the season), and a little more on consoles (planned for l ‘autumn).

If the base version ofElite Dangerous is based in particular on space exploration, the extension Odyssey must in particular allow players to also explore the soil of the planets of the game world, on foot – and the expansion promises different activities, whether to interact with other players and” title=”


“non-player character”. These are the characters controlled by the server.

“> NPC in space stations, gather resources or compete.

The Odyssey extension was announced for “early 2021”, but at Frontier Developments As with many other development studios, the Covid-19 pandemic is shaking up release schedules – especially in England, faced with a particularly contagious variant of the virus. As a result, the developer says he is forced to push back extension exit, noticeably shifted on PC, a little more on consoles.

According to the British developer, the” title=”


Abbreviation of Alpha-test (see this term). Refers to the first phase of internal testing of a game, usually reserved for the development team.

“>alpha Odyssey on PC (available to those who have pre-ordered the Deluxe version of the game and to holders of the Lifetime Expansion Pass) will be available from “early spring”. Classically enough, the alpha is intended to be updated regularly to add new features, while relying on feedback from testers.
If the tests go as expected, the expansion PC release is now slated for “late spring”.
You will have to be a little more patient on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game clearly needs to be optimized and a release is scheduled for the end of the year, in the fall of 2021.

To help keep players patient, Frontier promises to regularly share new details, videos and other content about the development process. The expansion available for pre-order.


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