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Elizabeth II, strong and quiet no matter what the crisis

by archyde

PORTRAIT – On the eve of her 95th birthday, the Queen of England must manage a new crisis. She has seen others, and more serious ones.

We can say, without much risk of being mistaken, that the past two weeks have greatly upset Her Most Gracious Majesty Elizabeth II. The queen has always hated conflicts and especially the public unpacking of the totally private sphere. In her life, she had to deal with a few crises, even a few tragedies. His exceptional experience and wisdom have always enabled him to overcome them. With serenity and panache.

It started very early. In 1935, 9-year-old Lilibeth saw that her father and mother, whom she adored, seemed upset. She also notices that we hardly see her uncle David, the heir to the throne. In January 1936, she was confronted for the first time with the death of a loved one, her grandfather King George V, who cherished her so much and had given her her first pony and her first corgi! The rest of the year won’t be easy: Uncle David has become King Edward VIII, but Lilibeth’s family hardly sees him as she is ostracized by

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