Elliot Page’s photo: Ignorance or evil?

The first photo of Elliot Page in a bathing suit went around the world. For a moment, I felt like I was traveling in a time machine to my past and to the year 1997. Not because of the image, clearly, but because of the different titles and headlines of the portals that made the happy news known. We know that a good heading is a seller, there is no doubt about that; What’s more, today it is very easy to fall into this trap, since almost 99 percent of the titles on the web are made to get traffic on the pages. With this issue the press was sweet!

The news was a celebration, a kind of baptism of his new life. However, what most of the media could not help but reproduce, in addition to the beautiful photo of Elliot without a shirt, exposing his chest with a smile that expresses all the happiness that a human being could accumulate, was the name they assigned him. at birth: which, in some places, was the highlight in black letters and highlighting. Elliot chose to be him a long time ago, is it necessary to keep sneaking a “she” out the window?

On some pages, the image of her new body was also shown in contrast to other photos from her previous life. My question is: is it ignorance or evil? What was the news? Elliot enjoying his body for the first time in summer or will he remain Ellen despite his decision? Do they do it because he is a Hollywood star? Can’t you talk about it without doing a show about your past?

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Identity always generates debate and opinions, ours even more so. Medicine may define Elliot as a transsexual; In his passport it says “man”, for many he is a trans man. For me, the living proof of freedom. Free of body and mind, capable of breaking with the norm and binary model.

But that freedom does not rescue us from these naturalized attacks “disguised as information.” Naming a trans-transvestite person with the name they were assigned at birth is violence. Clearly all experiences are different: some laugh, others are bothered, or are indifferent. Some prefer not to speak or refer to them as in my past life or in my other life, the name “dead.” Everyone has different experiences, some more complex than the others, but with something in common: pain.

They are trips that are traveled individually and each one knows how difficult or complicated it was to carry a name that does not identify you.
I must confess that in my case, it took me several years to embrace my past. There was a time when I wanted to kill him or erase him forever from my life and my mind. Working since I was a girl in the media exposed me to opinions and debates about my identity.

Over the years, I learned to love myself and understand that it is part of my biography, my story: I am, I was and I will be at all stages of it. Today I can nourish myself from my previous life, thanks to her I am here joining all the layers that at some point were loose. Today they are bound, I hug them and I can share my experience, I don’t need to kill the past to build my future.

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My rejection was not born out of nowhere, reading the different articles about Elliot, I recognized the impact that these acts can have if we are not at peace with our past. Welcome Elliot! Enjoy that body that you dreamed of so much and get ready, this does not end here: those who do not accept us love to use our names assigned at birth as grievances; It is his naturalized way of trying to indoctrinate us, to demonstrate the hierarchical superiority imposed by the binary and patriarchal gender, which seeks to separate rather than integrate. Do not let anything stop you!

Today you are a reference who expresses himself, thinks with his own body and makes his subjectivity a platform for political transformation.

I’m not forgetting: where is Tehuel?


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