Elliotte Friedman’s turn to raise the idea

Now that the offseason is well under way in the NHL, rumors abound all over the Bettman circuit. The Canadian is absolutely no exception and it is to be expected that Kent Hughes and his team have had a busy summer.

And it could (or even “should”) start this week, as my colleague Maxime Truman spoke about on the airwaves of 91.9 Sports earlier today.

However, there is a name that circulates a bit in the rumors affecting the CH: Tyson Barrie. Jeff Marek had raised the idea of ​​seeing the CH take an interest in him a few weeks ago, and today, Elliotte Friedman also slipped in a word:

I would be curious to know if a team like the Canadiens would be interested in Tyson Barrie – Elliotte Friedman

He talked about it all on today’s episode of the 32 Thoughts Podcast.

For Edmonton, finding a team that has interest in Barrie would be great news. The team needs to free up salary to re-sign guys (Evander Kane, Brett Kulak, etc.) and to sign a goaltender this summer. They have been linked with Jack Campbell and Ville Husso often for the past few weeks and they will need the money to attract these guys.

But why would the CH have an interest in Barrie? In fact, I can only see one scenario in which he would have: if Jeff Petry were to leave this summer.

Currently, as a right-handed defender, the Canadian has David Savard, Chris Wideman and Justin Barron. It clearly lacks a bit of meat around the bone, and if the CH wants to give itself the possibility of sending Barron with the Rocket to promote its development, it will take another right-handed defender.

And that’s where Barrie comes in.

Even if the defender is a adventure in his zone, the fact remains that he is very good offensively. The 30-year-old could be a good transition option while the youngsters are ready, especially as his contract runs out at the end of the 2023-24 season.

At $4.5 million a year, it’s a bit expensive, but we’re still talking about a defenseman who can easily score fifty points.

In short, we will have to see if these rumors end up leading somewhere, but there seems to be a possibility that Barrie will put on the CH uniform next year. There’s no smoke without fire, as they say…

A lot of

– Jeff Marek expects the CH to draft Shane Wright. However, he believes it is possible that he will return to the OHL next year.

– I do not believe. Again, I could be wrong.

– Kaiden Guhle’s brother will play in Germany next season.

– A signing that the Oilers clearly do not regret.

– Retirement for David Price this winter?

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