Elon Musk arrives in Mexico and obtains permission to sell Internet Starlink

Elon Musk finally got permission in Mexico, by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), so that your company Starlink Satellite Systems may sell internet in our country, what represents one more offer in the market.

The above after Musk obtained by 10 years the rights of emission and reception of signals for satellite wireless internet in Mexico by the IFT itself.

It should be remembered that Starlink Satellite Systems was recently established before the Secretary of Finance and processed its corresponding permit with the IFT to be able to operate.

In this way, the company Elon Musk already has an enabling title This is known as authorization to send and receive satellite signals to and from foreign satellites with coverage in Mexico.

“With official letter IFT / 223 / UCS / 952/2021 dated May 24, 2021 (…) the Service Concessions Unit of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications, resolved to grant an authorization to exploit the rights of emission and reception of signals and bands of frequencies associated with foreign satellite systems that cover and can provide services in the national territory in favor of STARLINK SATELLITE SYSTEMS ‘MEXICO, S. DE RL DE CV ”, the document reads.

And it was last April 2 when the company Starlink Satellite Systems Mexico, S. DE RL DE CV, through its legal representative, presented its authorization request to exploit the rights of emission and reception of frequency band signals associated with foreign satellite systems.

After an analysis that the IFT carried out on May 24, the agency decided to grant permission on May 28, for which it ordered Starlink to have its services ready within a maximum period of 180 calendar days.

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Thus, Mexicans will be able to have the Internet service of Elon Musk, offered by Starlink, maximum October 28.

The permit granted by the IFT has a national coverage and valid for ten years, to 2031, which can be extended for equal terms, if Musk’s company accredits the criteria that the agency has established in its title.

Starlink provides Internet plans in the United States, at a cost of 99 dollars, with speeds of 1 Gbps browsing.

For a few weeks, people in Mexico interested in Starlink’s Internet service could already pre-register, for when it arrives in the country and it is likely that preference will be given to those who have already registered.

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