Elon Musk considers "pedophile guy" to be "general insult"

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TEsla founder Elon Musk has defended himself at a Los Angeles court against allegations of pedophilia insult. Musk had named one of Thailand's Cave Drama Rescue Diver 2018 on Twitter as a "pedophile guy". "Pedo guy" is a "general insult," said Musk's defender Alex Spiro on Tuesday in court, American media reported. "These are teasing tweets in an argument between men." He did not want to call the rescue diver seriously pedophile, but as a "disgusting fellow," Musk said.

All in all, things did not go well, Musk admitted. "It should have been simple: Here is a rescue operation and that's great," said the Tesla boss. "I apologized, deleted the tweet, and personally apologized again."

Diver Unsworth sues for libel

During the rescue of the Thai youth football team that had been trapped in a cave by water masses in June 2018, Musk had suggested the use of a mini submarine. The vehicle was built in no time at Musks space company SpaceX and brought to Thailand. It was not used because it did not fit the situation according to the rescue line. The British diver Vernon Unsworth had publicly criticized the submarine proposal as a PR gag and thereby annoyed the 48-year-old tech billionaire Musk.

Unsworth had commented that Musk could "push his submarine where it hurts." Not only did Musk question Unsworth's role in the bailout, but he also described him as "pedo guy" without any evidence. After reacting on social media, the tweet was deleted. Musk apologized first, but repeated the argument repeatedly with further hints. Unsworth then complained of libel: Musks "false and slanderous allegations" would have done him, among other emotional damage.



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