Elon Musk is now richer than Mark Zuckerberg

Only Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are richer than the Tesla boss.  Source: AFP
Elon Musk

Only Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are richer than the Tesla boss.

(Photo: AFP)

Denver It’s an exciting week for Elon Musk: on Monday it was announced that Tesla had been admitted to the S&P 500 stock index, which sparked a significant price rally.

Tesla gained around $ 80 billion in market capitalization in two days. This is also noticeable with Tesla boss Elon Musk. The 49-year-old rose to become the third richest person in the world on Tuesday, overtaking him Facebook-Chef Mark Zuckerberg. That comes from the billionaire index of the financial services provider Bloomberg.

Accordingly, Musk’s net worth now amounts to $ 110 billion. Just Amazon– Chef Jeff Bezos and Microsoft-Founders Bill Gates are richer. Zuckerberg follows in fourth place with a fortune of $ 104 billion.

Musk, who also runs space company SpaceX, has made more fortunes this year than anyone, a good $ 82 billion total. This is mainly due to Tesla stock, which has increased almost fivefold since January.

The exceptional entrepreneur only made headlines at the weekend when he announced that he was “very likely” infected with the corona virus. He had been in Germany shortly before. Last Sunday he celebrated a success elsewhere: SpaceX successfully sent a manned rocket to the international space station ISS.

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